Friday, December 18

Sweet rosy apron

With the temperature dropping to -7°C (19.4 F), it's hardly surprising that we've been congregating in our cosy kitchen these last few days! And since I'm spending so much time baking I designed and made a new apron from this pretty fabric with an all-over rose print. Did I mention I love roses? The fabric is from Westfalenstoffe, a company  headquartered not far from where I live :)

Here's a close-up of the pocket and the strawberry button.

 The weather report said there might be snow this and next week - highly unusual for this area. Perhaps we're going to have a white Christmas for once. I'm sure all the neighbouring kids will love that! But sun-loving person that I am, I can't really share their enthusiasm!

take care,


  1. That is a sweet apron! I'm not sure I could work the ruffles with a machine as well as you did.

    I also really liked that make-up bag from your previous post...great fabric!

    BTW, congrats on your award...and we're all glad your internet is back up!

  2. What an adorable apron. I like the strawberry addition--so sweet!

    My Mom asked my to make a full apron for her friend with monogram but I want to make this waist version for myself. Maybe I will find time after Christmas....

  3. Such a sweet apron! You must be feeling so sweet too donning this lovely apron :) Lotta baking i see :) Have a fun time if it snows.. and make some snow angels for us to see.. over here.. its warm warm and an occational rain :) Merry Christmas to you Duni... and catch u again next year!

  4. Apron (Never heard of that word we saying "schort" in Dutch .... LOL)
    Your apron looks very sweet I love the colors (I 'm a pink lover!!)

    Its here snowing and also very COLD
    I wish it was spring Duni :-)
    give Sammy a cuddle from Kareltje

  5. What a sweet apron and I just love that strawberry button! Hope you stay warm this week! We're going to have a wet Christmas since it's been raining so much.

  6. That apron is so adorable. I love pink. I'm with you on the snow, loved it as a kid, hate it as an adult, give me sunshine and warm weather. :)

  7. OMG! I would be delighted to have a white Christmas, Duni:))
    I loved that apron...never had apron since I came here. I kept forgetting to buy one:)) Now that I had seen your apron, I feel like I gotta buy one:)
    Enjoy cooking! I'm jealous coz you don't seem to gain weight... I easily get fat when I cook a lot:(( ehehehe...
    Anyways, you have a great weekend!:))

  8. No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they always love my kitchen best. That is what was on a plaque that used to hang in my mom's kitchen. This post reminded me of this.

  9. That apron is soooo cute, Duni!

    If you don't want that snow, you can certainly send it here. ;)

  10. Oh how I love aprons and this one is just, just lovely!

  11. Hi Duni
    I had in 2008 red, gold and green in my tree ..... :-)
    In 2007 I had beu/silver I take every year other colors !!!
    Have a nice weekend
    Anya :-)

  12. Hi Duni! That's very cute cute apron. I really love your design, and your color and pattern combination, really really lovely.
    Merry Christmas Duni.

  13. I love this apron and my granddaughter would approve of the pink. The little strawberry is just so sweet and a lovely finishing touch.

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas in the snow from someone who is in the heat of summer.


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