Tuesday, December 8

Black Ornament Zipper Pouch

In the run-up to Christmas sales are picking up in my online shop. Newly listed is this versatile zipper pouch. I teamed the black ornament print with bright pink, and added a useful keyring too! Sorry about the dark photo*. It has been gloomy here for weeks!

*note to self : construct lightbox, and soon!

I have also had my very first non-payer! It's okay, though, because someone else bought the item instead, but what does one do about the feedback? If I don't give any feedback, then this non-sale will sort of 'hang' there. I want it closed. I'm reluctant about giving negative buyer feedback, because it will reflect back on me. Have any of you online sellers ever had this problem? Do you give negative feedback?


  1. I don't think giving negative feedback will reflect back to you-- a non-payer is out of your control, and most people understand that. I've had one non-payer, and I did leave negative feedback (it was weird, too; the buyer had a good track record up til me!). I think it's a courtesy, so other sellers can be forewarned.

    The new bag's lovely, by the way. :)

  2. Very pretty!

    I wait some time before leaving negative feedback...give them a chance to respond. Also, I have left neutral, but stated "non payment" if they have otherwise good feedback.

  3. I love that zipper pouch especially the contrast with the colored zipper.

    I have to say that I haven't yet had a non-paying customer and also never had to leave negative feedback. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

  4. Chocolate-walnut-mocha squares and then that very very attractive purse? I really like the photos you post here...:)

  5. Its beautiful Duni
    I love the colors :-)
    I hope all is well with you Duni
    I read here nothing than its maybe good (I hope so !!
    Hugs from us
    Kareltje =^.^= (send a hug to Sammy
    Anya :-)

  6. Very nice, Love the black and pink together

  7. Great new pattern. You could leave neutral but I think leaving negative is the right thing to do for non-payers unless they gave you some sort of explanation. If they get fired up about it you can always do a kiss and makeup.

  8. That bag is awesome, despite the gloomy lighting!

    About the non-payer, I'm sorry to hear about it. I hope I never have that problem, but there are so many dishonest people out there, it almost seems inevitable.

    I think I'd go ahead and leave the feedback. It shouldn't reflect negatively on you because they were the one who reneged on the deal by not paying. If anything, it should reflect back on them poorly, but that's their fault as well.

    Hope that helps!

  9. Beautiful new bag! I have not had much good light for taking pictures lately either.

    I wouldn't be afraid to leave negative feedback. I haven't had to do it yet myself thankfully, but fellow Etsy buyers/sellers should beware of non-payers.

  10. The pink zipper is a nice pop of color on that bag. So pretty!

    I haven't had a non-payer but I wouldn't think negative feedback would reflect on you since they are the one who didn't pay. Plus, you're warning others of a potential non-payer.

  11. Love that purse and those colors! I've had a few non-payers. It's a hassle but Etsy will refund the fees, etc. I only left negative feedback once...maybe I shouldn't have cuz it was a newbie and maybe they got confused?

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  13. I like your zippered pouch. I like the black and white colors together, and the pink zipper and the keyring gave just the perfect touch.

    My hubby does a lot of on line shopping, so he's been the one giving bad reviews on sellers. But before he does that, he tries to wait for the seller to make good with him. If there's still no resolution to his complaint, then he leaves his negative feedback.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  14. Black and hot pink--always perfect! And your craftsmanship is always impeccable, Duni =)

    Hope you're well, in every possible way. I'm still praying for you =D

  15. With one non-payer I just had etsy delete the sale and did not bother leaving feedback.
    Then there was the one with a LONNNNNG record of non-payment. It is not a reflection of you if someone does not pay! And I agree with Sharla, it is nice to be fore-warned!

    I like the black with red.

    And gifts for soon-to-be two year old: my son loves anything having to do with trains or Elmo. (I am thinking of making him a nap mat with train fabric...)

  16. Snow.....snow....snow
    I have a snow on my blog
    Come and look if you like it Duni :


    Its really winter ...... LOL
    Its safe its from blogger and its easy :-)
    Anya :-)

  17. Love it! It's so chic. Wonderful holiday gift.

  18. I have never had a non payer but I have had one instance of no item. It happened in October.

    I love this zippered bag. I love the black and white with contrasting zipper. It's so cute and classy!

  19. I say shoot the non-payer! LOL! Just kidding. I always thought one must pay before they get the items...

    I just wanna wish you a wonderful and blessed Christmas. I'll be leaving for my hometown next week so I doubt I'd be able to get online.

    It's been a pleasure knowing you :)

    ps. Thank you for the prayers.


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