Wednesday, December 16

New Kaffe Fassett flower print

I have had a number of requests for a bag I made from a colourful Kaffe Fassett print. I sold this bag a couple of months ago to none other than Michelle of Maria Michelle's Furkids and Animal Rescue. And since I don't usually duplicate any of my make-up bags, I decided to look for another print similar to the previous one. I came across a lovely flower print from the latest Kaffe Fassett collection. It is very cheery and bright and will stand out on any dressing table!

Also, before I forget, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Jenie, who generously passed on this award (my third time to receive it!). Changing the rules yet again I encourage anyone who leaves a comment on my blog to consider this award hers/his, since I already passed this one on here and here.

In other news, that non-sale I talked about a couple days ago really was more hassle than it was worth. Right now the issue is going back and forth between me and admin. Frankly, they are being very bureaucratic about the whole thing. I think I'll just consider it a write-off.


  1. That print is gorgeous-- very spring-like! Love the colors, too. :)

  2. Such a gorgeous bright fabric...a perfect pick me up for a cold winter day!

  3. kaffe fassett is such a perfect name for a designer. And what a great bag!

  4. love that fabric, so bright and cheery. Makes me think of spring time

  5. That's a vibrant print, I love it! Well I love all of your purses ( bags). :-)

  6. That fabric is so bright and cheerful and really pretty! Love that bag!

    Sorry you're still dealing with the non-pay. What a pain.

  7. It looks so fresh those colors
    really girls colors I LOVE IT :-)

    Thanks for your sweet words Duni
    I think we all have such a days we don't now what to publish !!!!!
    (And there are at the moment to many strangers on my blog, its just for the fun not for many comments !!)

    hugs from us

  8. Gorgeous colors in that print. I love Kaffe Fassett.


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