Wednesday, November 4

Sweet and Simple holiday wreath

There's nothing like a brisk walk - then curling up on the sofa with a pile of magazines and a pot of tea - to get the creative juices flowing again. Here's a simple idea you can make to add some holiday cheer to your home! You will need: scraps of fabric - a red theme looks good natural wreath (mine is a small one) ribbon brad (optional) Polyfill stuffing sewing machine, thread, needle sharp fabric scissors hot glue gun piece of cardboard How to: Draw a heart about 7.5 x 9 cm (3 x 3.5 '') on to a piece of thin cardboard. Cut it out. Fold your pieces of fabric in half. Then draw the heart shape on to the fabric. The larger the wreath, the more hearts you will need. I made five. Sew around the heart shape, leaving a small opening for turning. Cut out with sharp scissors leaving a narrow seam. Turn carefully and iron lightly. Proceed in exactly the same way with the rest of the hearts. Begin stuffing them by filling out the pointed tip first. Continue until you have a soft (not overstuffed) shape. Close the opening by hand. Tie your choice of ribbon to the wreath. You may add embellishments if you wish. Then, with your glue gun stick on the hearts all around the circumference of the wreath. Once dry you can hang it up in your favourite place!


  1. Wow Duni, this is awesome hun! You are so talented my friend : )

  2. I have got to get my wife to look at your site. She's into making neat things like you and I know she would love to get some ideas from you and maybe you from her. Thanks for visiting my blog again & have a great day!

    Friends 4 Life!

  3. Duni,
    I really hope you get to feeling better. The wreath is lovely in its simplicity and the color is great.

    Talk to you soon!

  4. You call it sweet & simple
    its BEAUTIFUL Duni :)
    So fresh colors !!!!
    I hope you are feeling a little better (I have a cold snif snif :(

    hugs to Sammy
    Kareltje =^.^=

  5. Beautiful! Thanks, for sharing. Hopefully, I have time to try this.

  6. Its a souvenir from Barcelona
    I think from in that plane :(
    Thanks for your get well wishes.
    The nights are so long I cannot sleep well :(

  7. Such a cute wreath! I just love hearts!

    Hope all is well with you Duni!

  8. What a cute wreath that is. Thanks so much for sharing this. I've been trying to get the creativity going again so that I can make most of my holiday gifts this year instead of spending a fortune.

  9. Cute! I hope you've been doing well lately! I feel so out of touch with everyone as I'm finding a rare moment to blog these days!

  10. Oh my! Those look so pweety :D

    I hope I can make them, maybe just one for a start cos I don't have a sewing machine.

  11. So sweet! This wreath would also be perfect for Valentine's Day!

  12. You are such a creative gal Duni.good one

  13. very pretty....:)

    btw, I would like to ask a favor if you could help us vote for my daughter...if you have time....your help is much appreciated....thanks!

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  14. Hi Duni..
    that's so cute and pretty...i love the stunning red colour...

  15. That's so cute Duni!

    hmmmmm.... you're giving me an idea on what to give to my boyfriend this christmas. LOL

  16. Hi Duni!

    That wreath is so pretty! I'll have to stash that away for a later date.

    My mom is doing fine, not sure when she might pick up blogging again...she's back in the swing of work. :P

    Hope you enjoyed your vacation enough to keep your sanity with work, especially as busy as it is.

    Take care and drink some tea to relieve the stress. :D

  17. Oh this is so darned cute!

  18. Too lovely. I love the color and the pattern combination, very pretty. Thanks for always sharing it with us. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  19. Darling - I just love it!

    I have no idea how you make tutorials so easy to understand and short...mine drag on forever no matter how hard I try to make it short.

    Yet another talent you have. I'm beginning to get jealous. ;) xx

  20. really nice! i love it as well!

    but i'll love it more if you come and grab the award from the heart i have for you =) please do come and get it soon ;)

  21. Duni - that is such a cute wreath! I think I will try to make one this weekend! have been playing around with christmas ornaments using antique and vintage buttons this where could I put a button on that?!

  22. Hi Duni!

    Thanks for sharing this idea. You are very artistic. It is so cute.

  23. I like this! YOu are so very artistic. I'm trying *hard* to be one but I guess, someone is just born with this gift.


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