Friday, November 27

Catnip Kitty

Sammy needs to lose weight. He's not a particularly active cat, so the vet advised us to reduce his daily intake of food. No more snacks! He's been on a diet for about a month now, I thought he deserved a little I made a little toy shaped like a cat and filled with organic catnip!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving....Drop Entrecards really fast give it a try.

  2. that is one lovely treat...

  3. What's that vet know Sammy, we think you're purrfect! But, it will help shape up your Mancat body playing with that cute little catnip kitty your mommy made. You're very handsome in that photo with your new toy!

  4. Wondering if your kitty has lost any weight? Our dog has been on a diet for the last couple of months. I actually think she is gaining weight!
    Your catnip toy is very cute! :-D

  5. Maybe he'll chase his toy around for a work out!

  6. he looks like he loves his new toy

  7. Aw, he looks so cute with his toy!

  8. Sammy says "Mine, all mine!"

  9. Ohh...I've got a fat cat, too. Unfortunately, we haven't had any luck with her diet, so I just try to get her to excersize more! Very cute!

    You can check out my catnip toys here if you'd like:

  10. Kareltje is also to fat :(
    I think it works maybe ...... LOL
    Put on your Xmas tree
    than Sammy can jump in it
    Its good for losing weight .... ;-)

    Kareltje does it always with Xmas
    He is not always so cute !!!!

    hugs from us
    and have a relaxing sunday
    (its herer also raining :(

  11. That's too cute! Looks like he enjoys it!

    So many of my cats growing up looked like's uncanny...

  12. That is too cute!

  13. How cute! This may be bad...but we have a fat cat too and feed him at specific times of day. He gets really cranky about an hour or two before each feeding and that makes him crazy! I stick to the time rigidly and meanwhile he burns off his frustrated energy wrestling with his sister and looking at me meowing and running up and down the stairs trying to get me to follow. So far though...hasn't really helped him burn much weight!

  14. Hemm ... sammy looks cute now, I am also happy to see it.
    btw organic catnip toy that you make really beautiful. sammy would be pleased


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