Friday, November 20

Listening to the voice of my heart

It is not a nice feeling sitting in a cold and austere room at the clinic, while the (lady-) surgeon discusses the rather radical (in my opinion) removal of certain body tissue with her assistant as if I wasn't there. Turns out my 'lump' is an atheroma, which in itself is harmless, BUT it is located at a very unfortunate area in my throat. Naturally, I am cautious about having the surgery done. I will definitely get a second opinion. Fortunately my survival instinct and passion for life kicked in shortly after leaving the clinic, and one of my favourite quotes sprang to mind:
The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts, therefore guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature. Marcus Aurelius AD 121 - 180
Therefore, I refuse to be intimidated by this surgeon or anyone else, and I will not succumb to the 'doom loop'. Looking back, this entire year has been one health issue chasing the other, yet I have consistently remained optimistic, despite the people in my life despairing about my various conditions. I have ceased to explain why I'm convinced that all is well, and that all I am experiencing this year is a low point in life from which I will emerge stronger and even more optimistic! Oh wow! This post has turned out quite philosophical, so maybe it's apt I close with these simple yet profound words:
Our life is what our thoughts make it.
Wishing everyone a terrific weekend!


  1. Hi Duni, I agree with you... you will feel so much better if you keep your spirits up!

    A friend has been reading Marcus Aurelius' books for some time and I've been meaning to check it out at the book store. Seeing his quote here has now inspire me to do it right now. :-)

  2. duni, so relieved to hear that it is not something super serious and life threatening. Sheesh...what would we do without Duni's Bags?! I don't blame you for getting a second opinion. All too many times we are so quick to go under the knife without thinking about consequences. I had an elective surgery in June of this year year. I also had a very, very bad reaction to the anesthetic. In the recovery room, my body began slipping into hypothermia - quickly. My body temp dropped dangerously low. I actually remember this as I woke up while they threw warming blankets on me. I thought I was dreaming, but the next day, hubby said it was real. It was real scary!

    Please be carefule and take care what you do to your body...give this lots of consideration and thought. You are the only Duni we have!

  3. Hi Duni, I'm glad to know it is not so serious. I do hope you get that second opinion soon so you can bounce back to perfect health the soonest time possible. It's great to see you being positive in the midst of all this. I am praying for your fast recovery! :)

  4. Thank you for the quote, Duni, and I'm glad to hear that you remain upbeat and optimistic. I know health problem after problem is enough to get anyone down; I do believe your good thoughts will get you through this (too bad they can't cure you!).

    And good on ya about the second opinion. :)

  5. why worry if you can pray!Glad you have a positive thought..God bless!Hope to hear from you soon...

  6. Always go for a second opinion. I wish you well Duni. Take good care of yourself.

    thanks for the great quote!

  7. What is it with these things in our necks? Maybe it is from all of the neck stretching to see our fabrics and sewing at the machine:)

    Beautiful thoughts! My husband believes very strongly that it is important to THINK what you want to happen...I am sending you positive thoughts, my friend.

  8. Hope all is well for you.


  9. Glad it's nothing life threatening but it still sounds kind of scary. You always have a way of putting things in a positive and thoughtful way. What a great quote that came to your mind at the exact moment you needed it. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  10. I wish I could help you Duni.
    I send you power to go on this situation and send you positive thoughts ....

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  11. Glad to hear it's not something life threatening and I love your attitude towards it! I also believe that our thoughts have quite an impace so I'm sending you tons of positive thoughts! Take care Duni!

  12. Positive attitude is so important, and I agree, you need to get a second opinion and find a surgeon you feel comfortable with. This particular one sounds rude in my opinion!

  13. Hi Duni!

    I love this post. I am very pessimistic person, that's why my mom told me that my worst enemy is myself. I'm trying hard to change this attitude. and reading this post is a great help to me.

  14. Hi Duni
    You're very positive person and I admire that very much. It's ok for you to get a second opinion.
    This is a great post of you Duni, I love it..Thanks God it's not life threatening to you.

  15. very well said Duni. It's good to hear the lump is not that harmful. You're such a brave person. Always pray. Take care!

  16. That's a great quote...and appropriate for any occasion!

    I hope everything goes well with the atheroma. No one knows your body like you do and a second opinion is always a good idea! Good luck!


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