Sunday, November 15

Mommy let me blog today!

Hi all! Mommy asked me to fill in for her today, because she is not feeling well :( This is my first time to blog, so I'm a bit nervous...bear with me. Let me tell you what I did yesterday! Well...I slept quite a bit, and then it was mealtime. Afterwards I played with my mousie, but I got bored so I went off to sleep. When I woke up there was a sliver of sunshine, so I went out on to the terrace to get some fresh air and watch the duckies play in the pond. But then it started raining and I got my paws wet, so I hurried back inside! Mommy was snoozing on the couch, so I snuggled down with her (my favourite activity). I must have lost track of time, because when I woke up it was mealtime again! Later that evening I saw a little moth - I tried to catch it, but I got bored after a while... Anyway, it was almost bedtime, so I crawled up on Daddy's lap while he watched TV. I must've dozed off...too much excitement for one day, I guess! And what have you been doing this weekend? purrs, Sammy


  1. Hi Sammy
    Nice to see you .....
    I have missing you so much !!!!
    Take care of your mommy
    she deserve it !!!
    I hope she is feeling well today.
    Its fun you to see blogging today.
    Here its also raining weather :(
    I go sleep today like every day
    Have a nice sunday
    Hugs love
    Kareltje =^.^=
    hugs for your Mommy :-)

  2. Sammy, you are so pretty. I am glad you are letting Mommy rest--that is very important, you know. Oh, and tell Mommy I saw this old Christmas book and I saw vintage heart ornaments and I thought of the ones she made. But hers are much cuter:)


  3. Sammy, it's furry nice of you to fill in so your mommy can rest and get better! You had a big day yesterday seeing duckies and playing with a moth! We just ate and slept and helped our mommy make jewelry. Hopefully we get more rest today.

    Angel and Isabella

  4. Hi Sammy,
    Nice to meet you. Hope your Mommy's feeling better soon. That was kind of you to fill in for her.
    Hugs from
    Purrs from Sara Cat, Cajsa Cat and Calle Cat

  5. hi Sammy! you're so adorable. Hope your mommy feels better tomorrow.

  6. You did an excellent job filling in for mommy. It sounds like you had a full day, you deserved that little snuggle time

  7. Get well soon to mommy!

    Take good care of mommy ok, Sammy! Meowww... :D

  8. hi Sammmy! Hope your mum feels better now.

    Take good care of her!

  9. Aww, you did a good job blogging for your mommy Sammy. Hope she get well soon.


  10. Hi Sammy! Is you mommy better now? Take care of her. I visited here yesterday and just wanted to check if everything is better now.

  11. you did an excellent job blogging for the first time. Sounds like you had a typical busy feline day, much like my 2 cats. It's hard to work all those naps into 1 day.

    p.s. hope your mommy is feeling better soon

  12. Well well well...hello Sammy. You are one very lucky fella, you know Mommy is one of a kind. And you are soooooo loved. =) stay cute Sammy and be good. =)

  13. I have added you in links. Hope you can link me up too. Than You and God Bless!

  14. Good job, Sammy! It sounds like you had a very good day. And I know you will help your mom feel all better soon.

  15. Awwwwww too cute! x]

    I hope ya mummy feels better soon ok and meanwhile snuggle with her lots and I'm sure she'll get better in no time =]]]

  16. Hi,

    I'm José's cat and I got roundworms.
    He added some medicin to my food, but I'm very picky and I ain't eating it !

    Have a nice time,



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