Sunday, October 25

Open Sunday

Wow - the sun has deigned to make an appearance this afternoon, and since it's 'Open Sunday' (*) and Farmers Market today, we thought we'd take a leisurely stroll into the town center and maybe eat a waffle (or two) with hot cherries. That's probably my favorite part about the Fall season! Sammy couldn't come with us, but he nevertheless enjoyed the rare sunshine too :)
sitting on a bench, enjoying the sun. bad hair day.
Reminder: Sunday isn't over yet, so you still have time to enter my tote bag giveaway! The winner will be announced tomorrow, Monday 26th. Oh, and I've decided to forgo the random number generator (too conventional), and rather draw the winning entry myself. Watch out for my video tomorrow! * shops which are normally closed on Sundays open twice a year, today being one of those times


  1. You two enjoyed your sunday
    I can see that ...... LOL
    I didn't now that Sammy is a outdoorcat ;)
    He loves it to go outside :))
    Have fun today
    Kareltje =^.^=

  2. great to see how happy and enjoyed you are with that sun shine...

  3. Golly Duni, you are so beautiful! You remind of Natalie Wood. What a lovely thing to be able to see you. I ran my laptop over to my husband and told him, "That's my Duni!!" and he says, "Now you can stop guessing but you were right the whole time..she is beautiful."

    Sammy is just adorable! What a sweetie. I read the Sumi post and laughed so hard. That was really cute! I read the post about the Monk grabbing you that made me laugh too but I can imagine how you and hubby felt at the airport! I've missed so much but I'm catching up!

    Deanna :D

  4. Your Sunday sounds lovely and of course you are too! It's always makes me smile to see Sammy too!

  5. You mean all shops close on Sundays there? I remember my sister mentioned the same thing but I thot in only happens in Austria (she lives somewhere in Tirol).

    We have shops open throughout the week here, with some that are opened for 24hours!

    Such lovely pic, can't seem to take my eyes off it... hehe

    *fingers' crossed for the draw*

  6. I wish the season of autumn temp won't go beyond 40's hehehehe so we will enjoy the weather and have a walk all the time.

  7. I remember when stores used to be closed on Sundays. Then it became this HUGE deal when it was allowed to let them open....

  8. Sounds like a great day! For you and Sammy. :)

  9. Looking fabulous woman!
    I had an urge to get out today too..walked to my sisters house across town and listened to a great podcast about the power of intention on the way. It was a treat!

  10. @Nessa

    your sister lives in Austria? That's cool :)

    and yes, shops are closed here on Sundays - all of them! Aren't you lucky to have 24h shops!!!

  11. Duni,
    Yes, it's definitely my lucky day today.

    First, I get to hear your voice, and then I get to see your picture. You're a very lovely, beautiful young lady, Duni. I agree with Deanna, you look like a young Natalie Wood.

    Haven't had them, but waffles with cherries sounds really yummy. Enjoy the sun as much as you can because winter is just around the corner. It is for us here Wyoming anyway.


  12. I miss those Sundays when you can't do anything but relax. Here in Asia shops are open everyday and so you tend to go there on Sundays to - to buy stuff instead of resting ;)


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