Saturday, January 10

Another make up bag

According to my January statistics on Dawanda (my selling venue here in Germany), this Asian inspired make up bag has received the most views ever! It's been 'pinned' by eleven buyers, so I wonder who the lucky one will be that actually buys it! It's the only one I made. I made it specifically to match the large tote bag with bamboo handles I made in December. Yesterday I received a parcel containing the same type of trim I used on this make up bag, but in a different colour variation: instead of the turquoise blue, the new trim is dark grey with bright pink flowers. This afternoon I will go through my fabric stock to see which will work best with this new trim. I hope I won't fall asleep at my sewing machine, because I didn't sleep a wink last night....I never do when we have a full moon.


  1. It is adorable! I ,as a Asian things fan, say it's a hit!

  2. When I was teaching we would say the kids would do incredibly wild things during a full moon. Why can't you sleep?

  3. TNT - I have absolutely no idea...I wish I knew, but the full moon just keeps me wide awake. And I don't even drink coffee!

  4. its very, very cute....when you make the new one, will you post a pic of that one too? I am curious how the grays are gonna play :-)

  5. This is beautiful!! You should be very proud!! You make wonderful things!

    By The Way, I have left you 2 awards on my blog feel free to come on over and claim them if you want!

    Take care,

  6. I love the colors in that bag. So bright and fun!

  7. Very unique and so cute. You are really just so creative! I love it!

  8. Oh Duni! Are you selling that??? I want it! (giggling). It is really precious!

    By the way, may I put your precious purse button on my blog? I want my family to look at your blog and see if there is anything they might want to order. I'm going to take a look-see for myself.

    Deanna :)

  9. Mea Culpa - I sure will!

    Beaded Tail - thank you so much!

    HNWMom - Awww. Thank you for your compliment.

    Deanna - Yes, of course you can 'grab my button'. I'd be honored if you do...♥

  10. Total süss,schade das ich keine Schminktasche benötige,aber süer Stoff..ich bleib am Ball:)
    Grüße aus Bremen


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