Thursday, January 1

New Year, New Challenges

School starts here on 7th January, which means I will be occupied the next couple of days preparing and getting ready for my role as tutor/agony aunt. As every year I will be hearing a lot of amusing holiday stories; there will be happy faces from those whose parents have indulged their every whim, and long faces from the ones who didn't receive the latest cell phone model they had hoped for. I presume I'm going to be seeing more long faces, as even the more well-off parents will have undoubtedly tightened their spending budget! I will also be working on setting up my own website. I admit, I am not proficient in HTML, but I'm up for the challenge! Who knows? Some of my students can probably help me out here! The image shows a little coin purse I made from a bright red polka dot fabric. (Sorry, for those of you who are nursing hangovers today - this pattern not being easy on the eye! haha) The flap closes with a hand-painted wooden button. You can click to enlarge if you want to see a close up of that button! Have a great New Year's day!


  1. I went to bed at 10:30, haha. I'm so lame, but I can see that pretty lil' coin purse just fine! When you figure out the web stuff will you help me, please :)
    Happy & Healthy New Year...

  2. Cindy - same time I went to bed, only to be woken at midnight with a bang, literally. ☺
    I'll let you know how it goes with my web stuff. Gulp.

  3. Yea, it's sad to see our vacation coming to a close. Cute little coin purse, and good luck starting up your site! Thanks for visiting my blog:)

  4. Duni, I hope you have a wonderful and blessed New Year my dear friend!


  5. Happy new year!!!

    I'm one of your entrecarddroppers and I'm sending you my best wishes.

    May many dreams come true.

  6. What an adorable purse!

    Best wishes to you in the New Year and a new year at school, too.

    Good luck with self-hosting a website, I gave it a go recently, but decided it was not for me, lol...almost pulled all my hair out ;)

    You are welcome for the link love...and *YOU* are the only one that thanked me for that, I can't believe that, if someone mentioned my blog in their blog, I would most definitely thank them...weird. But you are very welcome and thanks for being such a nice Entrecard buddy!


  7. This one is indeed a lovely purse. Makes me feel in a fairytale.

    Happy 2009 to you and may it bring you joy and peace, fortune and magic.


  8. Javier - thank you so much for your very kind and lovely words! I'm always amazed when people from all over the world stop by my blog and actually read it!

    Thank you!!


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