Wednesday, January 14

The mysterious case of the missing window

Now, I wasn't going to write another post on the window situation - this is, after all, my creative blog - then again, I'm creatively trying to figure out how to stop the rain from splashing straight into our attic! I have read all of your dear comments, which I want to thank you ♥ all heartily for, but it is Day 3 now and still no repair man! Instead I received a letter from the company this morning letting me know that some time this week someone will call me to make an appointment! An appointment? This is an emergency! It's not about choosing wallpaper... On the bright side: apparently they are going to replace the window free of charge.


  1. Hope the window gets repaired soon..and that Sammy is doing well!

  2. firstly - Ugh on the window situation - so frustrating! Hopefully you will be dry once agiain soon!

    secondly - thanks for the info on Dawanda that you left on my site :) much appreciated

  3. Wow, this is terrible. Can you go with another company for repairs? Hope your window gets fixed soon.

  4. Duni,wir haben noch eine deutsche,auf jedenfall ist sie in Deutschland und zwar...unsere Katzenmama Chica & Pumuckel...allerdings seit ein paar Tage nicht mehr geschrieben...
    wünsche Dir noch eine schöne Woche,und hoffentlich klappt das schnell mit deinem Fenster....
    liebe Grüße aus Bremen...

  5. Oh no! will you have any damage in your attic? I hope not! I'll cross my fingers and pray that they hurry and get it fixed.

    Deanna :)

  6. oh yeah, that would be annoying:( sorry to hear about that...hope somebody will fix it soon...

  7. It's good that they are replace it with no charge but hopefully they speed up the repair process and get to you soon.

  8. At least they are going to be replacing it for you, but it certainly would be nice to feel that you were one of their priorities. Hope you get this resolved very soon!

  9. Oh my, Duni!
    But....(Yeah! Free Window!)
    But, Yes, so frustrating! ARGH!

  10. That doesn't sound like a very good company if they'll let a potential client hang like that.

    I'm with Michelle, if you can find someone else to fix it, that might be a better way to go. Hope it gets fixed sooner rather than later.

  11. I can relate to your very tardy repair company situation. I'm having that situation right now myself.

    That's awful that you are having to wait like that. I can't believe the "make an appointment" thing. What??? I hope that they come to fix it as soon as possible.

  12. Oh for goodness sakes Duni, give me there phone number I will call them, lol! With as grouch as I have been lately, they would probably be there today, lol!



  13. That's definitely an emergency situation. It's a good thing they're going to fix it free of charge.

    It's a small consolation for your inconvenience, I suppose.



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