Wednesday, January 7

Every girl needs a treat once in a while...

In another blog post I mentioned that I basically live a frugal lifestyle. This doesn't mean that I don't treat myself to a little luxury once in a while, even in times of recession. While other women may go for facials, buy expensive perfume or eat out in classy restaurants, I treat myself by indulging in luxury fabrics! Yes, that's so me! I was lucky enough to have sourced these two gorgeous silky satins in burgundy and champagne for a fraction of the be made into a shift dress and layered camisole respectively. That's what I call looking good and living well on less. Zipporah over at Champagne Living has a whole bunch of great tips and information on how to enhance your life and treat yourself (without breaking the bank). Don't we all just need a little treat once in a while? It makes living so much more fun!


  1. Those fabrics are sooo rich looking. Thanks for mentioning Zipporah's site again. I can use some tips :)

  2. I so wish I could sew... I always see fabrics I want to make into a cool dress/blouse ect... You need to take a pic of the finished product for your readers!

  3. Absolutely... you can treat yourself like a Queen without breaking the bank... by the way... go to my blog... you've been tagged!

  4. Cindy - yes! catch some great advice on Zipporah's site!

    Minxy Mimi - I certainly will! keep posted...

  5. Hi Duni,
    Those fabrics look luxurious and elegant. I'm curious to see the finish product.


  6. I will have to check out that site!
    But..I tell you, Duni, I would settle for a working water heater right was a bad day...and now we have no hot water.. =( I think I am throwing a *small* pity, what do you think?

  7. I wish I could sew too. I could kick myself because my mother sewed everything for us when we were growing up. I loved watching her but I guess I had no inclination at that time to learn. My sister Laurie is quite the sewer. I envy that taLent. Maybe I should look into taking some sewing classes. I love buying fabric but then I don't do anything with it.

    Be sure to post your creations when you are finished. I can't wait!

    Deanna :)

  8. Tasha - I'll probably start working on those items in Spring! I've still got loads of bags to do, but I can't wait to start on these two fabrics!

    Kristin - oh,no. NO hot water? That's terrible! We experienced that once too and we had to boil our water in a large pot. Hope someone comes to fix your heater soon!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you...

    Deanna - aaah. An opportunity missed. I always knew I wanted to 'do something' with fabric, however I've only really got going after I got married.
    btw, it's never too late to learn to sew!

  9. thanks for the vacation posting help :)

  10. Beautiful fabrics! Way to go on an excellent luxury that doesn't make you feel guilty!

  11. I totally agree!
    I also try to live a frugal lifestyle and splurge on myself once in a while.
    Thats like the highlight! :)

  12. Joanna - yup, exactly!

    Ju Ann - yes, you cherish it more!


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