Monday, June 29

Monday Moodboard

We've had an incredibly wet start to the summer season. I'm back to wearing cardigans. Boo. It doesn't help that I have a couple of half-finished summer projects waiting to be photographed. Oh well. Meanwhile here's my summer-y moodboard. Hope you like it!
Die letzten Tag waren ja alles andere als sommerlichStrickjacken und Schals kommen wieder zum Einsatz. Zudem habe ich halbfertige Sommer Projekte, die ich noch fotografieren muss, aber das geht nur wenn es hell ist. In der Zwischenzeit zeige ich Euch meine MontagsCollage, zur Einstimmung auf fröhliche Sommertage!

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  1. Hallo liebe Duni,
    so schön hell und pastell. Das macht gute Laune.
    Und, - jetzt soll es ja richtig warm werden und das Hoch soll stabil stehen, d.h. nicht nur 3 Tage warm, sondern wesentlich länger.
    Viele liebe Grüße, Synnöve

  2. I absolutely love the summer-y moodboard! It makes me think even more about my upcoming vacation, but then i remember i still have one whole month to go before it's actually here! :))

  3. Love how the colours of the beads go together. We'll be having temperatures up to 35 degrees at the end of the week.

  4. lovely board, and love the lemon-curd color way ... its yummy!

  5. Lovely finds, so refreshing, love the soft colors esp in the combo of beads:)

  6. Hallo, liebste Duni,
    oh, das sind wieder schöne Bilder! Die hellen und fröhlichen Farben machen sofort gute Laune :O) Das "Wandbild" ist ja toll!
    Ich wünsche Dir noch einen angenehmen Nachmittag!
    ♥ Allerliebste Grüße, Claudia ♥

  7. So far it hasn't been a real impressive season but your mood board is :)

  8. Your summer sounds like ours! It has been cold and dreary. This summery mood board is a breath of fresh air!

  9. Very pretty and summery! We're having very hot weather this week so summer is here in a big way. I'd rather have cardigan weather.

  10. Your mood board is so pretty and light
    I love that I sense a little laziness in there,
    you know, as in laidback and relaxed mood.
    Love it ♥

  11. Liebe Duni,
    stimmt! ich habe das Licht auch vermisst. Es war so schwer, schöne Fotos zu machen.
    Deine Collage sieht wirklich sommerlich aus. Mit viel Gelb, das macht Sonnenlaune!! :-)
    Liebe Grüße

  12. I love the pastel feeling of your picks here... beach is something like from my everyday life... just our beaches never as busy as on the picture :( but again, I like privacy :) I hope you doing well... I keep praying!

  13. I love the summery color scheme here! It's been really wet and rainy here too. I'm ready for some sunshine before summer is over!

  14. It's been rainy here, too, which is annoying on its own, but it also means there are a million mosquitos everywhere. SIGH. Your mood board is brightening my day, though! I love that necklace.

  15. Such a lovely Summery collection D. :)

    Happy Wednesday, cheers, T. :)

  16. Fun picks! If it helps, I'm wearing thermal leggings under my pants right now and a long sleeve thermal top. =)


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