Friday, June 1

Blogger, Entrecard & Awards

(Diesen Post ausnahmsweise nur für meine englischsprachigen Leser)

There must be a pretty bored person out there, because last night I received a cease-and-desist from Blogger claiming one of my posts from back in 2010 contained an "illegal" link. Well I went and checked the post and get was a Sammy post. It was a post about Sammy's first Cat Award and apparently that's illegal. So whoever reported me wasn't amused. I deleted this post (poor Sammy) and then I went ahead and deleted all posts related to any Award I ever received since October 2008. You never know. And speaking of deleting. I have been getting weird stuff through Entrecard lately so I have decided to delete my Entrecard account after the current ads have run their course. It was fun in the beginning, but recently I find Entrecard is being swamped with money-making, no-content blogs and I don't think it's a good fit for me anymore. Over the years I have met my closest blog buddies through EC, and I am eternally thankful for that and I know that even without Entrecard we will continue our friendship. Thanks EC and goodbye.


  1. What?! What is with the award-thing? Is that really the illegal link? Oh, gees.

    I quit EC years ago, but kept the account open in case I changed my mind. I went back to that site much later to find that I was getting 25 or so "drops" in my account each day--to a non-existent EC widget! So, if something isn't fishy about the EC network, then I'd be surprised. It was the same 25 people too--I think they were all connected somehow.

    Anywho, you won't miss it. You can increase your readership without them and the time you used to spend dropping, you can be enjoying new blogs.

  2. Hi Duni! This is a sad post because I felt that I've known Sammy for a long time even though the only way I reach him is through your posts.

    I first heard of EC through your blog. Since it provides an opportunity to earn, I actually applied for membership. Unfortunately, my application was denied. I was told that my blog contain spam and illegal links too.I felt sad but with your experience, I guess getting denied was not bad at all.

    I believe that even though you chose to let go of EC, the blog friends you gained from the site will not vanish. EC may be gone but the friendships that were built will never be erased. And as they say, when you lose something, you just provide an open space to accommodate something new in your life.

  3. Silly. I am trying to understand how an award for a cute cat is illegal and really bored some one must of been to report it in the first place.

  4. How sad, Duni! So sorry. I will be sorry to not advertise with you anymore, but I understand your decision on many levels.

  5. Now that is just crazy that a cat award is illegal. Even crazier that someone complained about it.
    I haven't done anything with EC in ages but I've left my account open. Maybe if I ever get around to redoing my blog I'll finally remove it and end all ties. Like you though I met a lot of wonderful people through there and it was very good for my blog.

  6. AnonymousJune 03, 2012

    That's odd. Yea...I had my time with E.C. I think back about 3 years ago it was wonderful- I too met many bloggy friends that way. But then they just got greedy and things went way downhill. And so did the users. But you know, on to bigger and better things!

  7. Hello Duni, I'm sorry to hear about your encounter. Anyway I'm definitely looking forward your Sammy post! :)

    Take care,

  8. I'm sorry to heard about the C&D order. I don't understand how a link can be illegal :-(

    I don't bother with Entrecard much now... Too many money making scammers trying to make a few cents with it...

    John (from Photo Curios)

  9. Wow, who knows what kind of weird things will happen in the blogging world? Sorry this happened to you.

  10. AnonymousJune 05, 2012

    I'm still on EC - but I did stop by to tell you that I redesigned my blog template in January - In March I received a DMCA Takedown (copyright violation) notice on an old post dating back to 2007.

    The notice came as a result of a link I had to a live radio station stream, which happened be playing a song that I mentioned on the post at the exact moment a "sniffer bot" passed thru my URL!

    The bot thought I was streaming the song illegally - so I took both the post and the link to the radio station down!


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