Friday, June 8

The week in pictures

Hi friends!          Hallo Mädels!

1. bought myself a bunch of pink and cream roses to brighten my day - best antidote on rainy days!
2. one of the few remaining peonies in the garden after the recent rainstorm
3. baked a rhubarb cake with almond crust - recipe from here
4. sorted my huge amount of fabric scraps and made stuff - more on that in a future post :)


1. was tun bei Dauerregen? Pink und cremefarbene Rosen kaufen - die muntern gleich auf!
2. eine der wenigen Pfingstrosen im Garten, die den Regensturm überlebt hat
3. Rhabarberkuchen mit Mandelboden gebacken - Rezept von hier
4. meine riesige Kiste mit Stoffresten sortiert und daraus neue Sachen genäht - mehr dazu später :)

Hope your week was grand - have a fabulous weekend!

Hoffe ihr hattet eine schöne Woche - habt ein fabelhaftes Wochende!


  1. Wow flowers! How relaxing and refreshing to see. But I'm mor interested over your cute project there :) Have a great weekend Duni!

  2. Das Kissen sieht ganz toll aus!

  3. The flowers are beautiful!
    And your cake sounds yummy :)
    Great job on sorting and using your fabric scraps the pillow!

  4. Beautiful! Love the pillow!!

  5. I love that you put the tulips in a teapot (pitcher?) instead of a vase! It's the little details that make it so much more interesting.

  6. Peonies are my absolute favorite! I couldn't grow them when we lived in San Francisco as they need a hard, cold winter for the bulbs. But back East they go nuts in my yard - I love this time of year!

  7. AnonymousJune 08, 2012

    Awesome, Duni! I missed my peonies. by the time William came and things slowed down, they were nothing more than stumps with a few pathetic petals still attached...turning brown on the edges :(

  8. Wonderful finds. I love using ceramic pitchers as flower vases. My Mom has always done that and there is something so comfortable and country about it.

  9. Buying flowers and having them inside is such a great pick me up and your roses are so pretty. I love the pillow and look forward to see what else you have done with scraps. Have a great weekend Duni! :)

  10. I love the flowers in the teapot! I look forward to seeing more of the new projects that you've made. The pillow is so sweet.

  11. AnonymousJune 08, 2012

    Looks like a great week!!! That reminds me, I need to clip some of our flowers and bring them in;)

  12. The roses are beautiful. I see we both have peonies today :) Mine are almost all gone now too after a recent rain. I wish they would last longer than they do, they smell so good

  13. Such pretty flowers! Your pillow is fabulous and that cake looks delicious! I think you had a really good week especially since Sammy's birthday was this week too! :)

  14. Hello Duni,

    You have been very productive indeed! I'm quite ashamed of myself now... :P


  15. schöne bilder, deine woche war wohl etwas blumig ;) liebe grüße, svenja

  16. schöne bilder, deine woche war wohl etwas blumig ;) liebe grüße, svenja

  17. The roses are gorgeous. I do that, too. Come home from the store with flowers for no other reason than just because they are pretty.

    I like the pillow.

  18. Meine liebe Duni,
    Die Rosen sehen wunderschön aus!(Das sind auch meine Lieblingsblumen.)Und der Rhabarberkuchen sieht super aus! Er war bestimmt lecker. Das Wetter bei uns war auch nicht so berauschend.
    Duni, ich freue mich so über das Herz! ;)

  19. Flowers work for me as well... I just baked a cake in form of a hydrangea haha

  20. Hi,
    The cake looks so yummy!

    I just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower! I love your blog and just became a follower :)

    - Katie ( Running With A Glue Gun )

  21. I love your blog. Beautiful flowers. I'm coming back when I get a little more time to browse. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I'm now one of your follwers.

  22. Beautiful pinks! Returning the follow from Creations For Sam.

  23. Tolle Fotos!
    Liebe Grüße,

  24. Beautiful photos. What a lovely way to brighten up you day with flowers.
    Every inspired


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