Thursday, June 7

Sammy's Birthday

When Sammy came to live with us the people at the shelter as well as the vet told us he was approximately a year old, which means he's eight years old today! That first night in our home he hid in the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink and refused to come out  - he was that scared. Not even food could entice him to come out. I spent three hours crouching halfway inside the cabinet calming him down before he finally emerged. I guess that's when he decided I'm his Mommy, and since then we are inseperable. Sammy has grown into a lethargic but totally loveable huge cat. He currently weighs in at 17.6 pounds. In all his years living with us he has never hissed once, not once! His idea of heaven on earth is laying on his back on a soft blanket preferably in a sunpuddle with yummy treats close by :)


Als Sammy zu uns kam war er ca. ein Jahr alt (laut Tierärztin), d.h. er hat heute seinen achten Geburtstag! Die erste Nacht versteckte er sich im Schrank unter der Küchenspüle. Er hatte solche Angst. Selbst mit Katzenfutter konnte ich ihn nicht aus seinem Versteck locken. Drei Stunden habe ich halbwegs im Schrank gehockt und leise auf ihn eingeredet, versucht ihn zu beruhigen. Als er dann endlich zum Vorschein kam schaute er mich mit so einem "besonderen" Blick an, zwinkerte mir zu, so als wollte er mir mitteilen: und von nun an bist Du meine Mama. Seitdem sind wir unzertrennlich. In den ganzen acht Jahren hat Sammy noch nie gefaucht, nicht ein einziges Mal! Mittlerweile wiegt er 8 Kilo, liegt bevorzugt auf einer weichen Decke auf dem Rücken, nach Möglichkeit in der Sonne und Leckerlies müssen immer in der Nähe sein ;-)


When Sammy met Molly...

...all hell broke loose!

You wouldn't think it from her sweet face, but Molly is one feisty cat! Sammy doesn't even provoke her, she just goes right ahead and swats him on the head whenever she feels like it. So, we had to find a solution and quick. Since she mostly lives outdoors but comes by each day for mealtimes, we built her a little outdoor house. That way she has a shelter for when it rains (which it does a lot around here). There is a soft pink blanket inside and a bowl of water close by. When she does come inside I make sure Sammy is in another room - the other day I forgot and Molly was chasing him all over the house - then Sammy hid behind the curtains and you can imagine what happened next: shredded curtains.

The house is water and windproof. It is raised to prevent cold from the tiles rising up through the bottom. In wintertime you simply insulate the sides with a panel of styrofoam. Molly is still getting used to it, hopefully she will accept this as her shelter.
Sammy und Molly    mögen sich nicht. So ist es nun mal. Auf jeden Fall musste schnell nach einer Lösung gefunden werden, denn Molly's zuckersüßes Gesicht täuscht - sie ist eine echte Kämpferin und haut den Sammy nach Lust und Laune. Also haben wir ihr ein kleines Outdoor Häuschen gebaut, wasser- und winddicht. Ein pinkfarbenes Deckchen ist drin und in der Nähe immer eine Schüssel Wasser. Sie muss sich noch dran gewöhnen. Ich hoffe, dass sie es bald als ihr Haus akzeptiert! Auf jeden Fall dürfen Sammy und Molly erstmal nicht zusammen kommen. Wenn sie reinkommt kommt Sammy in ein anderes Zimmer, denn ich möchte nicht nochmal miterleben wie Molly den Sammy durch das ganze Haus jagt, er dann verschreckt hinter der Gardine kauert und anschließend Molly die Gardinen zerfetzt!
Tja, der ganz normale Katzenalltag eben... Mein Wunsch: dass sich Sammy und Molly zumindest tolerieren, wenn sie schon keine Freunde sind.

My wish - that Sammy and Molly learn to tolerate each other. Fingers crossed!

take care everybody,
Macht's gut ihr Lieben


  1. How sweet, a fellow gemini. happy birthday sammy!
    habt ihr molly schon lange? manchmal braucht es einfach zeit, bis sich katzen an einander gewöhnen. zwei von unseren fauchen sich auch immer noch an
    dir alles liebe, feiert schön :-)

  2. AnonymousJune 07, 2012

    ♥ Happy Birthday Sammy ♥
    ganz viel Liebe und noch viele viele Glückliche Jahre;)

    und glaube mir ...sie werden sich zusammen raufen ...wenn es auch nur für draussen ist;)

    glg Marion

  3. Happy Birthday Sammy!!! Wishing him more years of happiness with you and your husband. And of course, someday he would consider Molly as family too.

    The cat house is so cute and versatile Duni. You are really a responsible pet owner.Sammy and Molly are lucky and blessed to have you too.

  4. Gorgeous! I love the little house for Sammy, what a lucky kitty! :)

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  6. Sammy, you look positively handsome on your birthday :)
    I hope you and your new sisfur learn to get along :)

  7. He definitely looks like the boss today! He almost looks a little smug about it being his birthday. :-)

    My aunt had two cats who fought sometimes, but I don't think it was as bad as your fur babies. I hope they get their "issues" sorted out!

  8. Happy birthday to Sammy!!! he looks so cute with his birthday hat!

  9. Gorgeous! Happy birthday to Sammy! Hugs from Indonesia <3

  10. Happy birthday Sammy! Molly looks sweet. I know looks can be deceiving! Her house is so cool.

    When I adopted my 2 cats who were already friends, the girl did not come out for 3 days!!! I could hear her at night though playing with the boy and eating! Now she wants me to pet her every second I am around.

  11. Happy Birthday Sammy! You are such a sweet and handsome Mancat! We hope you enjoy lots of goodies today! Sending you lots of smooches from all of us!

    Molly's house is very nice! We hope she learns to be nicer to Sammy!

    Angel & Isabella

  12. Aw, happy birthday Sammy! Adjustment is always tough, especially when you're old. I hope that it isn't too rough for you.

  13. Awww, happy birthday to Sammy! Molly has nice digs, but I really do hope they can learn to get along!

  14. AnonymousJune 07, 2012

    Awh, happy Birthday Sammy! What a laid back cat. Those outside cats can be agressive, sorry for the disruption Sammy! Hopefully one day they will be able to coexist.

  15. Happy Birthday to Sammy! What a nice little home you made for Molly, I got my fingers crossed too that they both get along one day soon.
    Everyday Inspired

  16. Happy birthday, Sammy! What a sweet boy. Sorry that he and Molly don't get along. She sure has a cute new house though :).

  17. What a cute little house for Molly, the little stinker. Harry does the same thing to Cali. I wonder if it is the difference in age?

    happy birthday to Sammy!!

  18. Happy Birthday to sweet Sammy. Too bad Molly likes to instigate :) That's a nice shelter you built for her. looks pretty comfortable.

  19. Happy Birthday Sammy!!! So cute!
    That's good that you have a little home for Molly outside! I hope one day her and sammy can tolerate each other.

  20. That shelter is so cute...I hope she gets used to it and settles in nicely! Cats can be difficult in multiples but it's so much fun watching them play.

    I had multiples at different times almost through my whole life, till recent years. Cats are awesome!

  21. Duni, your cats are so adorable! I really wish I could reach out to touch them!

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my necklace... I didn't think anyone paid attention to it...the many changes to FB and blogger have seem to put me out of the radar screen.



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