Friday, March 30

Friday Favourites

Just when I was getting used to the mild temperatures and sunshine (and loving it), the weather's gone all rainy and windy and cold again today. The birds don't seem to mind. They are still happily chirping in the tree beyond my studio window. Oh, and did I mention that magpies are building a huge nest up in the tree in front of the bedroom window? Since I get up pretty early I usually watch the magpie female collecting nesting material. Fascinating. I must say I do love bird watching!

So today's feature is all about birds...

1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4

Ach wie schade das es heute wieder regnet - ich hatte mich schon an die milden Temperaturen und Sonnenschein gewöhnt! Den Vögeln scheint es nichts auszumachen, denn die zwitschern immer noch fröhlich im Baum vor meinem Arbeitszimmerfenster. Hab ich schon erwähnt, dass ein Elsterpaar ein Nest ganz oben im großen Baum vor unserem Schlafzimmer baut? Als Frühaufsteher beobachte ich gern wie das Weibchen fleißig Äste sammelt. Das heutige Thema ist den Vögeln gewidmet!

Und noch mehr Vögel gibt es bei mir im Lädchen! Kleiner Hinweis: ich beteilige mich an der aktuellen 12% Rabattaktion, die noch bis zum 5. April bei Dawanda läuft.

These fun birdy fabrics are soon to arrive in my little fabric shoppe! I can think of so many things to make from this room decor, pouches, little girl's skirts and dresses, fun patchwork quilts and so much more!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Beautiful bird collection! It gets me to spring mood :).
    Have a nice week-end! Eeli

  2. The fun birdy fabrics make a new twist to your line of collections Duni. So cute and lovely too.

  3. I love all the pretty blue in your first set of photos :)

  4. lovely motifs Duni and i am eager to see what you carve out of these pretty ones!! and today the weather has gone cloudy and wet in munic too...i am in münster for a couple of months after April. I will be super excited to meet you some time :-) - sunayana

  5. Soooo süße Vögel und frische Farben, voll mein Geschmack!!
    GLG und Frohe Ostern!

  6. Very lovely collection Duni!!! love the card!

  7. I love birds too, very pretty collection!! Love the little ceramic bird dish!!

  8. I'm decorating the nursery for our new baby girl (due in July), and I'm so into little birdies it's not even funny! Thanks for sharing!

    -Tiffany from Mom's Daily Zen

  9. That's the perfect fabric to celebrate spring! I know you'll come up with something great!! Loving those little birdie features too. I bet Sammy loves to watch with you;)

  10. That's great with the magpies! How fun. Love your bird picks and fabric. So many great colors and designs.

    Link up your Friday Feature with me!

  11. Thanks for such a happy post - I love birds too, but am always wary of magpies - unless they come in at least two! In the UK, singles are regarded as being unlucky!

    Do you know the poem about magpies? If not, contact me at my blog were I post about the toys I made, mend and otherwise play with! Will also be following you from now on: hope you'll do the same for me!

    Have a great week-end!

  12. We bet Sammy is enjoying bird watching too! We love your birdie finds today!

  13. I always enjoy watching the birds too and all your features are just great.

  14. To answer your question from my post, yes it is a mortar and pestle. the object behind it just looks to me like some kind of little stool. Maybe it was supposed to be the stool they sat on while working

  15. Thanks for stopping by, Duni. I usually see your page on a regular basis through entrecard, but they randomly deleted my account and won't respond to my emails. I am following your blog though.

    I love these little birdies! Great finds!


  16. Meine liebe Duni, wie hübsch die Stoffe sind! Mir geht es genauso wie Dir. Ich hatte mich auch sehr an dem schönen Wetter erfreut. Hoffentlich wird es bald wieder schöner!

    Liebe Grüße und ich denke an Dich!


  17. Lovely Duni, thankyou for your comment on my blog. I have myself not worked a lot with glass colours, just some fun trails. I work mostly with oils and acrylics on canvas. I am in Münster with my husband who is there for work. I find it fun that I can carry my work with me whereever i go :-). Your Etsy collection is lovely !! - hugs, Sunayana

  18. LOVE the birdie material!

    Keep us posted on the bird and her nest. I'd love to see photos if you can get them!


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