Sunday, March 25

Meeting Kaffe...

Hi friends!        Hallo Freunde!

Just back from the trade fair and I'm still wired. As always it's going to take a while to decompress ;-)
The fair was jam-packed even on the first day! A good sign I suppose. I attended a short presentation on facts & figures on "handmade" and was informed that in 2011 German consumers spent a whopping one billion Euro on fabrics, yarn and notions!
As mentioned in my previous post I was looking to buy a few notions myself. After failing to come to acceptable terms with first Dutch and then Italian suppliers I got lucky on the third try. If all goes as planned (fingers crossed) I should be expecting a shipment of ribbons, lace and polkadot buttons (yay!) in a few weeks :)
The highlight for me was meeting renowned designer and knitter extraordinaire Kaffe Fassett. I love his motto: don't be afraid of colours. I had a chance to speak to him for about two minutes before being jostled aside by other people. The best bit was that I got to choose one of his books - I chose Quilt Romance - which he then signed with a flourish. He was there with his sidekick Brandon Mably who also signed the book. I'm going to treasure it.

Puh! Ich bin nun von der Stoffmesse zurück und immer noch total aufgedreht! So geht's mir immer nach solchen Veranstaltungen. Die Messe war rappelvoll. Ein gutes Zeichen, finde ich. Eine kurze Präsentation der Initiative Handarbeit informierte mich über die Jahresergebnisse 2011.  Fest steht der Markt für Handarbeitsbedarf wächst. Im vergangenen Jahr wurde in Deutschland von Endkunden über 1 Mrd. Euro ausgegeben. Tendenz steigend. Dieses Jahr hatte ich mir einen Zukauf von Bänder, Borten & Co vorgenommen. Beim dritten Termin wurde ich dann fündig! Wenn alles klappt wie geplant (drückt mir die Daumen), dann erhalte ich in einigen Wochen süße Bänder, Spitzen und Püncktchen Knöpfe (*freu*).
Das Highlight der Messe war den renommierten Designer und Strickkünstler Kaffe Fassett aus nächster Nähe zu sehen. Ich mag sein Motto: don't be afraid of colours. Ich hatte sogar die Möglichkeit 2 Minuten mit ihm zu reden bevor ich von der Menge verdrängt wurde ;-) Das Beste: Ich durfte mir eines seiner Bücher aussuchen welches er dann für mich signierte! Ebenfalls von seinem Kollegen und Studiomanager Brandon Mably. Ich habe mir übrigens Quilt Romance ausgesucht.

That's me in the white jacket speaking to Kaffe (on the left) in the purple shirt signing the book and Brandon handing it over to me!
Btw, the flower brooch at the top is made up of Kaffe's fabrics and one of the hostesses chose this one for me. I saw a lot of women wearing theirs and all of them were different colours/fabrics! Cute idea, no?

Das bin ich in der weißen Jacke. Kaffe (links im Bild) mit lila Shirt signiert mein Buch und Brandon überreicht es mir! Übrigens, die Blumenbrosche oben im Bild ist aus Kaffe's Stoffen gemacht. Eine der Messehostessen hat sie für mich ausgesucht. Ich habe viele Frauen mit so einer Brosche gesehen und jede war eine andere Farb/Stoffkombination! Witzige Idee, oder?

That's it from me today. Going to put my feet up now...looking forward to reading up on your blogs :)

Das war's von mir...werde jetzt die Füße hochlegen ;-) Freue mich schon bei euch wieder vorbeizuschauen, bis bald also


  1. How cool! My mum (an avid quilter) would be so jealous and would probably have elbowed you out of the way for a glimpse at Kaffe Fassett!

  2. Hi Duni! I remember reading a post where you also shared your experience in this annual trade fair. I believe this is an annual activity you always venture.

    "Don't be afraid of colors" I agree! Some fashion bloggers call it as color blocking, being bold enough to carry and wear different vibrant colors. Colors provide more life and emotions when we play with them.

    I am looking forward on how you will play with colors in your own crafts.

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. Oh wow, I am suitably envious of your fair visit...Kaffe goes without comment...that is a beautiful book!

  4. what fun! you must have had an amazing time! can't wait to see what you do with colors!

  5. The flower brooch is beautiful! Glad you were able to get some items at the show and to meet Kaffe Fassett too!

  6. I look forward to seeing those polka dot buttons. What a neat opportunity to meet Kaffe! I'm glad that things went well this weekend.

  7. oh that sounds like it would have been a lot of fun. How nice that you got the book with the autographs.

  8. oh that sounds like it would have been a lot of fun. How nice that you got the book with the autographs.

  9. Oh, das muss wirklich aufregend gewesen sein!!!
    So viele Eindrücke!!!
    Ganz liebe Grüße,
    P.S.: Hast du schon meine rote Jacke gesehen :)

  10. How cool! I'm glad you had a great show and that you were able to work out some good prices.

  11. Hi Duni. I wanted to let you know that you can find a bone folder in any craft store but it really isn't totally necessary. Scoring the paper isn't even an absolute must. I only do it to make neater folds.

  12. Die Stoffbrosche sieht sehr hübsch aus.

    Bei diesen vielen, bunten Eindrücken würde mir auch der Kopf schwirren!

    Tolles event!

    ♥ Franka

  13. so cool, Duni!

  14. looks like a lovely time. and thanks for introducing me to kaffe. GORGEOUS quilt on the cover of the book. love the little flower idea! sweet. glad you had a good time Duni. Pam

  15. ps- Kaffe's work is INCREDIBLE!

  16. What a wonderful opportunity! His fabrics are gorgeous! I love your bag. :)

  17. LOVE the quilt on the cover of that book! What a great twist on the traditional wedding ring. Are you going to make it???! Pleeeasseeee!

  18. Whow, eine Stoffmesse, ein Traum!
    Diese Stoffe sind einfach zauberhaft.
    Lovely hugs

  19. awesome!
    I love that flower brooch!
    Can't wait to see what you do with all your new "toys!"
    love the quilt--colors and movement of pattern--on the left.


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