Tuesday, March 29

Patience is genius...

...as French naturalist Comte de Buffon once said.

While I'm patiently waiting for my fabrics (at this point I even welcome a letter from customs!) I have been sorting through old sketches and developing new designs. I aim to add a tunic to my shop collection soon, well as soon as fabrics arrive.
I made a summer top for myself in vivid colours. I made the drawstring tunnel with a bit of satin I had left over. I like the versatility of this top - dress it down with jeans or cargo pants; or up with a cropped black jacket and slim skirt.

I used this same pattern albeit with a feather light cotton eyelet to create my snow white pajama set, which was featured recently in my bloggy friend Kristin's treasury. Note the new wig for my mannequin :)

I have known Kristin for over two years and I am constantly amazed at how she effortlessly juggles work and family and consistently creates art even while moving from one city to another! One of my favourite items in her shop is this vase:

Meanwhile our comfy couch for the reading room has arrived. As many of my readers have requested pics I hope to post some really soon!

Take care everybody,


  1. Hello Duni! All the while I thought your manequin was a real human person. Hahahahaha! I looked at it closely and learned the truth. If you did not mention the new wig of your manequin then I would not have noticed. hahahaha!

    You are so lucky and talented. You can make your own top. I love what you did. It's so perfect for summer. You are right, the top is so versatile. It matches both pants and skirts.

    I hope that your fabrics will arrive soon... Patience is a virtue but a creative mind should never be hindered from working. :)

    As always, I wish you more happiness! :)

  2. Isn't it something how when you are ready to create or start a project things happen to challenge you? I hope you her something soon.

  3. Hi sweetie!
    Love the tunic and with that style, you sure can make it casual or dressy. I love shirts like these. Yours is a very nice color.

    Deanna :D

  4. I hope your fabrics arrive soon but in the meantime I love the fabric you used on your tunic!

  5. Wow, love that summer top - very versatile:)

  6. That is a very pretty tunic top, it would be super with leggings or tights too!

  7. wow! I love the top...

  8. Saying hi from the EBT : )

    I love that brilliant violet top you made!


  9. Found you on EBT! That top is beautiful.

  10. Isn't Kristin so sweet! I just love catching up with her:) And I spot my little clutch in there too.

    Loving the new tunic! I suppose you could look at the fabric delay as a good thing- more forced rest for you!

  11. That tunic is very pretty! Love that fabric! Congratulations on the lovely treasury too. I am amazed at all Kristin does too and really like her new creations!

  12. I like the tunic, it looks very comfortable AND stylish. Hope your fabric arrives soon

  13. I love the fabric of the tunic. Beautiful!

  14. A shop collection Duni
    it sounds so GREAT :-)

    I cannot wait to see it !!!
    Love your tunis Wow!!

    HUgs to you & Sammy
    from us
    Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<

    Anya :)

  15. Duni.. your sweetness is overflowing, my friend!! Thank you for this!

    And I am in love with the tunic!

  16. LOVE the purple colored shirt!! Hope to see those in your shop! :))

  17. Lovely tunic & treasury, Duni!

  18. Duni -

    That top is so cute! I truly admire your elegant, girlie, simple designs :)

  19. That top is gorgeous. Colors are awesome!!! I would so love to see your home given all your designing talent :) Take care.


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