Wednesday, March 2

Coming up for air

Hello friends!

Just like these crocusses pushing up through the hard soil to reach the surface I am pushing away the swathes of fabric to take a breather, and to enjoy what little sun we are forecast to have today! If you have been reading along you will know why this blog has been collecting dust. Oh, how I miss blogging! How I miss reading your blogs!
Fulfilling a wholesale order really opened up my eyes and also made me come to a decision. Basically, without the man-power I am not ready to accept such orders. There are only so many hours in the day and I only have so much energy. I still have a long way to go and the order deadline is March 15th! My daily routine now starts and ends with sewing.  Instead of cooking (no time) I have ordered the delivery service too many times these past two weeks which makes for a really unhealthy diet. I have not unfurled my yoga mat lately either, however, I have made a committment and I will wrestle through this until the order is completed! Strangely enough I have been approached by a couple more wholesale customers after the initial one, all of which I sadly had to decline, because presently it is in no way realistic or feasible. After working through the second lesson of my online business course I have made another decision concerning my OOAK bags. Although I am passionate about designing and making bags, mine are extremely time-consuming, and to be honest not very  marketable due to their highly unique nature. I simply do not have the time to start a marketing campaign for them.
Since I seem to be generating a lot of interest on Etsy, I will first and foremost concentrate on building my sleepwear shop , developing products to reach a wider market until I'm established enough to consider hiring part-time help. I do know of two professional seamstresses who are currently on parental leave and who might be interested in working on an hourly basis from home in the future.
Before I sign off, NO, I have not forgotten the French Knickers giveaway. Steady's coming, it's coming :) 
Off now to catch some of that sunshine (as long as it lasts)! I miss you guys! Take care,


  1. I wondered.

    I also know that fulfilling wholesale orders is difficult when at the stage of only yourself to sew, package, market, etc!

    I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and get a nice break!

  2. We are all on a learning curve... we make some good decisions and some bad ones along the way.. but hey.. hang in there :) wholesale orders are not easy.. but i am sure you'll pull it off Duni. Do get yourself out in the sunshine when you are done with it :) Eat well and take good care of yourself!

  3. You have come a long way in your wholesale venture, congratulations! You exemplify the real definition of women empowerment! I'm happy for you. But please don't forget to take care of yourself, especially your health. Get some rest, see the sun and smile!

    I love ruffles shorts by the way. :)

    I wish you more success and good health!

  4. All the very best for fulfilling your order on time. I know how stressful deadlines can be, so try to make some time for yourself to recharge your batteries!

    Take care,


  5. Hang in there Duni. Best of luck in finishing your order which I know you will be able to do. Then you can take a well deserved break. Enjoy that sunshine

  6. I'm happy that you are having such success but I really do hope you find time to enjoy the sunshine and some time to relax. I wish I was there to help you! Good luck on that order and I wish you continued success!

  7. has your health been lately? I do get your commitment- you really can't back out of something but I'm sure it's a lesson learned! It's just too bad that all of these exciting things are happening for your business but you're just one person! I can bet that you'd be sad to let go of control of some of the making of the products too- I know I would be! Good luck with getting everything done on time and enjoy your break while you can!

  8. I probably would be overwhelmed too, though it sounds nice. Good thing to be realistic! {:-D

  9. Hi Duni and thanks for stopping by today! I so understand your a designer/crafter myself, I know all too well how there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. Besides the daily things-to-do-in-life, I find the day is gone and it's time to start dinner! Take care sweetie, and know that I think of you often! xoxo

  10. Hi dearest! I can understand how much you want your passion and talent to go even further and I do believe that down the road you will have all the help you need to make your name recognized by the market place. You are a remarkable designer so I have no worries about your success.

    Deanna :D

  11. Wow Duni you're becoming famous as I knew you would! I will place an order when things calm down. Let me know...Take care :)))

  12. I am happy to hear your business is growing, though I'm not happy that it's taking so much out of you. It's good to slow down, like you said, to let things flow more smoothly. I often wonder what I would do in that same situation, once I start my business...sometimes growth is more rapid than anticipated.

    I wish you the best of luck as it grows and you develop the need to take on part-time help.

    Be sure to get enough rest and (try to) eat well. I know all too well how unhealthy delivery can be...we do it more often than I care to admit :)

  13. I can understand your dilemma! Wishing you the best! Take care and get some much needed rest and sunshine!


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