Wednesday, March 23

Back to (regular) work & how to deal with the customs office

Hi all!

after a short break of soaking up the sun - hurray for spring - I was summoned to the customs office to pick up a much awaited fabric parcel. That's the downside to importing things from outside the EU - you never know if and when any of the stuff you order is going to arrive safely at your doorstep or is destined for a spot check. The letter mentioned specific opening times as well as what documents to bring along. Here are a few pointers for anyone else having to deal with customs:

► be punctual, as there will be an onslaught of people as soon as the doors open
► take along a copy of the invoice, description of items in the parcel, proof of payment and your ID
► bring along $$$
► take along a large pair of scissors (or craft knife), since you will need to open the parcel for inspection
► remain friendly regardless of how...intellectually challenged the officer may be

I went home with only one parcel and am wondering as to the whereabouts of the others. Time will tell, I guess. Well, after pre-washing/drying the fabrics I set to work immediately. Here are a few shots of the work in progress. If you wish to see a small section of my work space take a look at the blog of Etsy Germany Street Team where I'm featured on today.

Check out the finished item here.


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere Duni! ;-)

    I checked out your workplace. It looks so neat and organized.

    In the Philippines, the process and requirements for claiming goods from the Bureau of Customs is about the same, including the patience, punctuality and the needed friendliness. hehehe

    I love the design of the cloth and the finished product. White, pink and blue are so pretty, heavenly and refreshing.

    I am looking forward for more of your beautiful works! Have a great day!

    As always,

    Diane ;)

  2. I thought our customs were bad.. hehehehe.. hope the rest of the boxes come thru soon :)

    lovely fabric. Hoping that spring will come to you sooner :)

  3. I hope you get the rest of your fabric soon--I thought it was bad having to wait for one bolt but at least I know it is on back order and not lost somewhere.

    And your space is incredible! I have been trying to convince my husband that I "need" to paint the sewing room. I think I will do it one day while he is at work:)

  4. Ok, now that we see a window into what you're dealing with in ordering fabrics, it's no wonder you're doing it whole sale. Sheesh. Lovely new sleep pants, and I'm glad you enjoyed your time to rest!

    Oh, and I saw your post on the German Etsy team blog...while I can't read a lick of German I think I got the gist. Your studio looks so bright and pleasant!

  5. Bah!! Me too, just got notice for this really small parcel, really. Not even worth much. Did you have to pay anything?

    I'm so not looking forward to going there tomorrow!

  6. dealing with customs doesn't sound like a fun time. glad you got your parcel though

  7. what a beautiful workspace, Duni.. it is so calm and organized, must be a pleasure working in!

    And the PJ pants are beautiful!!

  8. Your workspace is beautiful! I love those hearts with wings! Do you sell those? Glad you got one bolt of fabric and hope the rest comes soon.

    Purrs to Sammy!

  9. I love your fabric choices. :)

  10. @Missus D

    yup - anything over Euro 22,- (and that's including the shipping) there's a 19% import duty on it!

  11. Oh, what a pain, Duni! Love your clean and streamlined :)

  12. Oh, I just love fabrics. So hard to wash/dry fabrics when you just want to dive right in and sew up a storm :)

  13. Hi Duni,
    We have a similar process with the post office here, in the Czech Republic. Some people order things only to have them "disappear!" I sure hope the rest of your packages will show up soon!

    Good luck, and I always enjoy your designs--they are beautiful!

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

  14. I just love the fabric. It is so HOT here already. I need to buy some of the shorts or knickers. I love them. I'm still adjusting to my new "schedule" :)


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