Monday, May 17

New zipper pouch and feature

Last year I mentioned that my blue strawberry zipper pouch was one of my bestselling items in that category. Well, it still is. Since then I have had requests from friends and students for this particular pouch. But now I have run out of fabric and my supplier doesn't know when/if he will get another bolt in or not!

Meanwhile I have found another fabric that is just as cute. It's got little red strawberries and tiny pink flowers on a white background. I hope people will like this one just as much.

Lastly, my cupcake pencil case is a featured item in Forever Denim on Dawanda. It's the one on the bottom far left.

wishing everyone a great week!


  1. Love the strawberries purse :)Looks very sweet !!
    About strawberries
    I have to many this year
    do you want some ......... LOL

    Have a nice evening
    its here raining cats & dogs
    and again cold
    (I wear again my winter coat :(
    So cold ......
    It makes me crazy !!!!!!
    I NEED SUN :))
    I think your have the same weather

  2. I love the new fabric, very pretty!

  3. The new fabric is very pretty. And it is perfect for the warming weather and thoughts of fresh fruit on picnics!

  4. I love the new fabric, it's adorable. Congrats on your feature. That's a really cute pencil case

  5. I like the new fabric. I hate when things are discontinued. I made a nice magnet with a little bear on it, and now I can't find the bear anywhere!

  6. These are so cute and I love the blue and white fabric. Very artistic.

  7. Both the blue and the red are so cute! Such fun bags and how can one not smile when using them!

  8. I like the red just as well as the blue so I'm sure it will be a big hit. I like your zipper pouch better than mine...humm I wonder what I'm doing differently.

    I guess I'll keep trying.

    Have a good week.

  9. Dear Duni,

    I don't look at the "trends" in Dawanda very often, but I just had to take a look at the "forever denim-trend" of cause.
    And guess what I found: my big denim-flower. Wow, I'm very surprised and happy.

    Hugs & Kisses,

  10. oh, Duni!! I love the red strawberries!! I am sure it will be a best seller! I know I say it enough, lol, but you are super talented! :D

  11. Cute pattern Duni, you always picks the best! Congrats on you feature, you deserve it :)

  12. The new fabric is just as cute! I actually prefer the red strawberries myself :)

  13. Don't you hate when you have a good thing running and you can't get a-hold of what you need to continue it? I think your substitution is very cute. However, I wonder if it is so popular because of the blue color?

  14. I prefer the red strawberries! I love strawberries =) They remind me of my love story... and it's too long to tell but there. I love strawberries!


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