Thursday, May 13

Garden views

Hey everybody!

it's a public holiday today, so I slept in (which in my case meant I got up at 7:00 a.m. instead of 6:00 a.m. - haha). I've got animals to feed, you know.
This is the view that greets us first thing when I open up our bedroom window. Lush green, isn't it?

And  here's the pond with our three ducks. I had to zoom in, because they are very shy and normally wouldn't let me near them for an upclose shot.

It's nice to have a day off in the middle of the, if only the temperature would rise! It's only 6°C (about 42°F). Brrr.

'till next time,


  1. Schöne Fotos :-)))) Ich wünsche Dir einen wundervollen tag, liebe Duni !!!
    Ganz liebe Grüße von

  2. Oh, I love that tree!

    yeah, pretty shy ducks... I can't see the faces.. hehe

    I wake up @6am too every day cos I have two school-going boys. Lucky I can sleep longer on weekends :)

  3. Oo, still cold! But you have a lovely view-- wish I had a pond. :)

  4. Hi Duni
    Its here also 6°C brrrrrrrr....
    I have my wintercoat on when I go out its me to cold for summer coat!

    So lovely that you have Ducks
    Sammy would love it ...... lOL

    Have a nice longggggggg weekend :)

  5. You have a very beautiful scenery just outside your window Duni :)

  6. What a beautiful and peaceful site!

  7. I wouldn't mind looking out and seeing that first thing in the morning. Hope it warms up but even if not at least it's a day off.

  8. And I am sweating in this 88 degree humid weather today!

    What pretty views to see out your window.

  9. Yay for having the day off! Your views are very pretty and I hope it warms up for you soon! It's sunny and 75 here today - purrfect!

  10. You live in such a beautiful place, Duni! And Yay for a day off! I wish I could send you some of this Texas heat! I would if I could!

  11. How wonderful to open your bedroom door to that gorgeous scenery.

  12. Gorgeous! I would love to wake up to this every day. The ducks are so sweet :) Wish I could send you some of our 90 degree weather!!!

  13. AnonymousMay 16, 2010

    Beautiful views! It's been old here, too. I have so much gardening to do, but I just can't get myself to go out in the cold to do it!

  14. Wow! That's a beautiful place where you live, Duni. Me, when I look out the window, I see skyscrapers! It has its own beauty to be honest but sometimes I find myself longing for greenery...


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