Friday, April 23

OP ART Shoulder Bag

 note the edgy angle of the pic

As promised here is the finished bag! It's inspired by the black and white optical art popular in the 60's. The interesting thing about this bag is that the leather bag straps, which I cut by hand, are an integral part of the design.The leather is repurposed from a skirt/suit ensemble.

Here shown on my lovely 'Miss Audrey'. 
 The bag is fully lined with a black/white polka dot cotton and includes an interior zip pocket and mobile phone pocket. It has a magnetic snap closure underneath the flap.

Op Art Kitty ?
Thanks for stopping by and have a great Friday!


  1. HEHE
    That bag is look-a-like Sammy
    Same colors hahahahaha......
    Its really beautiful Duni
    my compliments,
    amazing piece of handcraft !!!!

    And the sun is here
    We can go sunbathing at the weekend
    Hugs for Sammy from Kareltje =^.^=
    Hugs for you :)

  2. I forgot
    special pose from Sammy
    Love it !!!!

  3. Hey Duni,
    You are a very talented designer and I can see why you have so many followers. I'm sure many of them are repeat customers as well. I'm having a fantastic Friday & I know you will too. Take care!

    Friends 4 Life!

  4. That new bag came together really beautifully!! I just love black and white and it works very well here. Your cat makes me laugh--mine sleep like that too and it looks just a tad obscene to me...ha ha ha!

  5. I LOVE your new Op Art bag and the op art kitty is too cute! I'm a babe from the 60's and am naturally drawn to your op art bag.

  6. Now that I have finished laughing at Sammy I can say that the design is terrific!

  7. I got distracted by Sammy! He is just so adorable! Love your bag too - it turned out gorgeous!

  8. Duni it's just fabulous. I imagine that Sammy is especially pleased with the colors. You've got a winner there with both the bag and the cat. Hey, I just realized you let the cat out of the bag...ha ha ha sorry I cracked myself up there :)

  9. Angel likes to do that pose too! Neat bag. :) Happy Friday!

  10. I spend so much time looking for shoulder bags I really like. I have to say I love the black and white design on this one, very well done.

  11. What is with the kitty belly???! And I thought Hobbes was the only one who lays like that. :)

    I LOVE the fabric for those purses!! Black and white is so hot this year.

  12. Ooh, how I love to own that bag. My kind of colors. The design is exquisite. Just lovely.

    Your cat is inviting you to tickle him silly. He looks adorable and cute in that pose.


  13. Dear Duni,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my N-word-post! I am really trying to stick to my subject, jewellery, but it is not always so easy! Got lucky with the letter "N"!! (The mannequin is only a couple weeks old, by the way!)
    Great, striking black and white theme for your new shoulder bag. Kind of Sammy to help out with the photo shoot. He has the right colours and pattern!

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  15. looove the bag, i want one :)

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  16. that a real kitty or a kitty-like bag?!

    thanks for the visit duns...i missed you!

  17. Another lovely bag! It certainly matches the kitty! Perhaps subconsciously, the kitty was the inspiration for the bag.

  18. Those bags you have designed are lovely. But the cat is so cute.The bags with black and white striped mixing are just seem awesome.

  19. Hello sweetie. You always seem to outdo yourself each time. What a neat bag. It looks classy! Oh and it has a cellphone pocket?! You are a genius. That is one nifty classy bag! I love it.


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