Saturday, April 17

That 70's look :)

Since I'm no longer part of the corporate world I am free to wear whatever I like! I don't follow trends. I like mixing comfortable classics with Vintage - preferably from the 60's and 70's - spruced up by customizing or adding scarves (my mom's), pins or flower brooches. When buying Vintage I look for natural fabrics such a cotton or silk and shapes which aren't too outrageous or can be altered easily. I avoid anything polyester, lycra or spandex (popular in the 80's) and only choose colours that harmonize with my basic wardrobe. If I can't find what I'm looking for I make it myself! Here's an example of a blouse I made using a mille-fleur cotton fabric and an original pattern from the 70's. For that 'special' touch I embellished the collar with a velvet and lace trim and sewed on vintage buttons that were in the stash I got from my hubby's grandma.

And here's an example of customizing. I was very lucky to have found this Vintage 70's coat in a solid brown for next to nothing.

 It's in great condition, none of the buttons were missing and all the seams are nicely piped. There was just a tiny smudge at the hemline which I took care of by shortening the coat to knee-length. It was too long anyway. I also gave it a good wash to get rid of the slightly musty smell ;-)
But there was still something missing...until I was inspired to appliqué the pocket flaps with my beloved heart-fabric, which some of you may remember I used for this bag and frame purse.

I get a lot of appreciative (and sometimes jealous) looks when I wear this coat! So much more fun than the basic black suit, don't you agree?

Have an inspired weekend!


  1. Love the trim on the blouse collar, and that coat, wow, that's really sharp looking. You are so creative Duni.

  2. Hi Duni

    OMG the 70's look
    (I was a teenager and yes so old I'm now ;(
    At the moment you see many in de shops from 70's & 80's !!!!
    I like it not all but your choice is nice :))))

    I hope the sun is shining at your place (its here sunny :)))))))

    Hugs for Sammy
    Kareltje =^.^=

    Have a sunny weekend
    Anya :)

  3. I looove that coat! And I love what you did with the pocket flaps.

    I'm all about comfort nowadays.

  4. Lovely touch and love the color!

  5. Gosh, Duni, you make your own clothes? You're extremely talented!

    Il Mare Atelier's Blog

  6. You are SO talented Duni! I just love your style :-)You really have inspired me!

  7. visit u here and follow u too..hope u follow mine too...

  8. 70's...are you kidding?! Have you seen pics of me as a kid in the 70's and that horrible stuff my mom made me wear?! Just awful! Good thing you have taste and can pick out "cool" stuff from the 70's. You should give my mom a lesson then send her back in time :)

    I prefer the 40's myself. Such a more drastic style change and not quite so easy to pick up pieces at your local thrift shop. But I am always on the hunt for patterns from the's amazing how the sizes changed over time! I'm a size the 40's it would have been a size 16 or 18!!! Crazy, huh?

  9. Duni, you are so creative! When I saw the blouse my first thought is that I had that back when I was younger!! I love the detail you added to the color and the coat is awesome with the heart fabric.

  10. That coat is wonderful! The heart fabric is a lovely touch!

  11. There is many sun here Duni
    I think its also great weather
    at your place.
    Enjoy with Sadie
    We are going sun bathing :))))))

    Have a sunny sunday
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  12. Love the colors in that pattern. I am the same, I wear what is comfortable and what I like.

  13. What great way to make something old new again! (BTW....I think Pat would like Miss Audrey!)

  14. You are really talented Duni :)

    marinela x x

  15. You are SO fashionable. I am so not surprised.

    I think you should be on Project Runway! You'd do so well...only problem wpuld be dealing w/ HK hehe ;)

  16. Those who follow trends usually don't have a sense of self anyway so go ahead and wear your adorable 70s look!

  17. I LOVE it!!!! I'm nowhere near crafty enough to make something so cute. But talk about a great idea for repurposing clothes and reselling them. So cute.


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