Monday, April 26

Marketing, PR and other stuff

Along with my new website I thought it was about time to have a set of professional looking business cards printed up. While I used to order them from Vistaprint, this time around I wanted something a little more stylish; cards that reflected my personality/image as well as tying in with my new site by picking up the main colours (pink and brown).
I researched both Dawanda and Etsy and finally decided to approach Etsy seller Jennifer of  Zoopri who offers really nice designs at competitive prices, plus I liked her upbeat attitude! Although the cards took about three weeks to arrive here in Germany, it was well worth the wait. The cards are high-quality, not flimsy at all, and they came nicely packaged. Along with the cards I ordered some cute Thank You stickers, which I will use to beautify my simple packaging, because although I would love to ship my products in chic boxes - 1. my budget doesn't allow for that and 2. there is the issue of the packaging ordinance which I wrote about here. So, stickers it is!
I am also currently brushing up on my PR skills :) I am initially on the shy side when meeting new people, but I do realize I can't hide behind my sewing machine forever! Speaking of sewing - my back is killing me. In the long run I will need to invest in one of those ergonomically designed chairs.

Until next time, take care!


  1. That sounds exciting :) I love the colors of your cards and stickers! Good luck Duni! :)

  2. That sounds very good
    I wish you many luck Duni :))))

    Hugs for both
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :-)

  3. Love the color scheme of the cards (and the design, too). Wow, you have to use biodegradable packaging? I love the stickers, a very nice touch. And if it satisfies the ordinance, all the better.

  4. the cards and stickers are really verry beautifull!

  5. Hello Duni,
    Great looking business cards. Did you know you can get that design with Vista Print now that you have had those made up? Saving on the ink cartridges will help you budget quite a bit too. Thanks again for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comment. If you were to go through our club, you can get paid to buy from Vista Print & Ink Grabber. Pretty neat huh? This could bring you in some extra cash if you need some. Just a thought!

    Friends 4 Life!

  6. Love them- they're beautiful! Glad you found a seller with a top-notch product. And I hear you on nice boxes, but I think I'd have to make some sales before I could actually afford them. ;)

  7. Duni -

    Those cards are so sweet - I will have to check this vendor out! I use VistaPrint too, and there is always something that I am dissatisfied about with my cards. They never really look the same as when I designed them. sure, they are cheap, but I guess you get what you pay for! Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Sounds busy! :)
    Hope you able to learn them all in no time!

  9. Your cards and stickers look great! How exciting that things are coming together so well for you!

  10. I love your cards and stickers. They look great! :-)

  11. The design of your cards is great. Those stickers are a wonderful way to dress up your packaging too. Take care of that back I know how that can be. Go get yourself one of those chairs. :)

  12. Those are the prettiest business cards I've ever seen. I hope they help you become even more successful than yo already are. I hope you can have that chair one day as well.

    I was serious about Project Runway you know :)

  13. I love the color combination of pink and brown. The designs of the cards are also stylish and very neat!

    Like your products.... It's LOVELY!

  14. I love the cards and stickers. What a great idea!

  15. I love your new cards and that Op Art shoulder bag! Also, that is a very cuddly looking kitty.

  16. The new cards are super cute. Pink and brown?! What a cute combination Duni! Get out of your shy shell and start meeting people, I know you have the power to win them over.
    Oh and sweetie, get some rest, back ache is such a pain. Did you consult your doctor?

  17. Duni, the cards and stickers are wonderful! I love the design and color and how great to have found a terrific seller.

  18. I really like your cards and stickers. You remind me that I should remind Anna to get her jewellery-business some cards and stickers. She sends her products in used wrappers without anything at all like that. Noy very professional, if you ask me. But I am just a cat! Give Sammy a nose-tap from me!
    Sara Cat


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