Wednesday, December 17

What I want for Christmas...

... is more time! A fleeting visitor to my blog may think "Oh, another bag lady" ☺, when in fact I have many more pressing obligations than sewing bags. I really wish I could, though. My head is always full of ideas, and I get a little panicky if I don't realize at least one of them. I have a whole notebook full of sketches on my bedside table - yes, the best ideas usually come at night - and my fingers are just itching to get at my sewing machine...but lately I've been inundated with frantic calls from students hoping to squeeze in just one more lesson before Christmas. And if I can help them get better marks on their exams, then that's my first priority! Meanwhile my pile of fabrics will have to wait. I also feel if I put pressure on myself, the joy out of sewing bags diminishes somewhat. After all, it's my hobby, and I want to look forward to it after a days work. I do admire all those power-crafters I come across in blogs here and there. I wish I had that kind of energy! Hubby's got a few days off for the holidays, which is nice, and he helped me with EC dropping, for which I'm eternally grateful. He did however forget to switch to my crafting blog, which is why many of you will have my other widget in your dashboard! A BIG thanks, hubby, anyway, for all your help and support in many other areas of my life too ♥ Also, THANK YOU to everyone who cared to read my blog over the last couple of months, dropping their card, leaving kind comments and making me start my day with a smile.


  1. Me too.. Started sewing again after stopping 2 years.. so happy to be able to dream and actually sew something...

    Great Blog!!


  2. Yes, I'm always glad when I have some spare time. Sewing is such a pleasing activity!

  3. Oh how sweet of hubby Duni. I am so glad he helped you out and I hope you get more time to do what you love to do the most, sew. You are so talented, I would sew my fingers together, lol!




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