Monday, December 8

Poll Results

The colour poll of last week was pretty exciting to follow! Right at the beginning it looked like the blues and greens were everyone's favorite colour. Then by the middle of the week blues and greens stood neck and neck with the pinks and violets. Finally - surprise, surprise - a couple of votes were squeezed in at the eleventh hour and guess what? Most of you prefer: PINKS AND VIOLETS If you're interested in exact percentages per colour group just scroll down to the poll box at the bottom right. I assume most of you live in the since I live in Germany, and in order for this result to 'work' for me, I will have to take into account that most women in Germany prefer toned down colours (isn't that a shame?) This means I will probably use a paler version of the above fabrics or use these together with a neutral fabric, like natural linen. Anyway, I thought this poll was great fun! Thanks for participating!


  1. I love your layout! I love your site! Very lovely..

  2. I already grab your button.

    Yes you are right, gifts shouldn't be expensive. Its the thought that counts.

  3. See...I'm in the states and I said one likes brown!

  4. nurseabie - wow, thanks so much!

    Cindy - don't be sad ;-)
    next year BROWN could be the next Pink!


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