Monday, December 15

Kimono Girl

This bag is a tribute to Asia, where I have lived, worked and made wonderful friends! I was inspired to make this bag by that cute little ribbon you see in the close up. I've had that ribbon stored in a box and recently re-discovered it when I was looking for something else! This tote is pretty large at approx. 14 x 13 inches (not including the handles). I made it a rounded shape to reflect the round floral pattern of the blue fabric, which coincidentally matches the blue of my ribbon exactly. The top part is a whimsical red fabric with an all-over pattern, also inspired by the red fan in the ribbon. The bamboo handles are store-bought. For the interfacing I have used canvas, which makes this bag pretty sturdy. The inside is a creamy cotton featuring two pockets made from the same red fabric as on the top front. Just looking at it takes me back to those fun times I had in Asia...watching the sunset on the beach, taking a stroll in the Japanese Garden, shopping at the market on Saturdays...sigh.


  1. I'm seeing so much of this shade of blue lately paired with red, and I am just loving it. Your purse is just adorable. I love the colors and pattern and the trim.

    Also, to comment on your purse for a teen. I think you did a pretty good job coming up with something for the young group. My daughter who is almost eleven would love that.

  2. Jenny - I never thought I'd make a blue/red bag until I found that trim! Thank you so much for your nice comments on my bags!

  3. I really like the handles. The ribbon you based it off of, is so cute.

  4. The trim is so adorable! Cute bag.

  5. Duni--
    I just wanted to say, first of all, thanks for your comments on my blog!! I was quite fond of my wedding cake, particularly the topper. I still have the picture in the antique frame...that was a surprise from my cake artist (my best friend's mom).
    And second--I've gotten a big response to my new blog look, and it's all thanks to you! So thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!
    And thirdly--I'm in LOVE with your little kimono girl---SO CUTE!! :)

    Thanks again,
    Abby from SC

  6. Cindy - yup, they're brown ☺

    TNT - THANKS!!!

    Abby - Yeah, love that ribbon and glad I finally made use of it.
    to your second point - well...what are blogging friends for, right?

  7. This is such a nice purse!! Very lovely!

  8. What a colorful, unique and wonderful bag!

  9. Oh my gosh, i love this!!

  10. TC, BeadedTail & Leslie:

    thank you ladies!

  11. Cute! What a bright fun bag!

    Help a family very dear to my heart have a memorable Christmas. It only takes a stamp.

  12. You have a beautiful blog--so cheerful and inviting. Your Kimono purse is also awesome.

    Thanks for dropping me an Entrecard.


  13. Wow...pretty & too cute..:)

  14. I love this! Its beautiful!

  15. I love it Duni, the colors are beautiful. Have a great Wednesday sweetheart.



  16. Thanks to all of the above for your lovely comments. Much appreciated!


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