Wednesday, December 3

Nikolaus Tag

On Saturday, December 6th , we celebrate 'Nikolaus Tag' (St. Nicholas Day), in honour of Saint Nicholas of Myra - also known as St. Nicholas the wonderworker, since many deeds and miracles were attributed to him. He was also known as 'the gift-giver' - leaving coins in the shoes of those that left them out for him. Nowadays it's mostly a festival for children. Kids across Europe leave their shoes outside their bedroom door the night before St. Nicholas Day, and the next day they are 'miraculously' filled with colourful wrapped sweets and chocolate. (Thanks, mom☺) More health-conscious parents buy their children a small gift instead (book, pencil case, something useful for school) - sort of like an appetizer before the main course: Christmas! It's also not uncommon for spouses to buy little gifts for each other and we do this among close friends too. At the workplace it's custom for the boss to put a small gift of appreciation on each employees desk. Since this year it's on Saturday, most will receive their present on the following Monday. When I was still part of the 9-5 workforce I was given everything from a huge chocolate Santa to a box of candles to a gift certificate! Boy, did we love those gift certificates! By the way, that little 'Nikolaus' pouch you see in the photo is what my niece and a few of my younger pupils (aged 8 - 10) are going to receive from me...


  1. how cool that a boss gives gifts!
    Luv the pouch

  2. Cindy - it's the least they could do for their mean employees, don't ya think?

  3. Thank you for the information. My son was born on December 6 of last year and I am embarrassed to say that I have never looked this up. What a fun tradition to begin.

  4. I never new St.Nicholas day was December 6th. I always thought it was much closer to Christmas. But then again what do I know. I'm not from Europe. LOL!

  5. TNT - wow, what a lucky little boy! I'm sure he'll LOVE this tradition :)

    Tiff - the chocolate industry over here makes sure we know and never forget!


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