Friday, June 25

Garden Days

Hello lovelies,
I finally made it to one of my favorite show gardens! I have been visiting those in my area for years and it is something that I look forward to each summer. Unfortunately the thunderstorms of the past days destroyed many of the flowers, especially the roses, but I was able to capture a few that had been spared. Although this garden isn't that large, what I love about it are all the whimsical details - little fairies sitting among flowers, cute signs, tablescapes and garden decor, sculptures, the herb garden, rambling roses, a variety of plants and so much more! Everywhere you turn there is something interesting to discover, be it a little bird house or lovingly tended honeysuckle climbing up a frame. This is my third time visiting and each time there are exciting new things to see. And since I hadn't been out of the house for months on end I'm seeing it all with fresh eyes. I hope you enjoy my selection of photos below!


  1. What a beautiful garden. Not only are the flowers gorgeous but all the little details are wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. Thank you. I love this place and could spend hours here :)

  2. Hi Duni! Happy to see your blog again. TBH, a lot of my favorite blogs are no longer posting. :( MY greatest fear is that Google will eventually decide to close the curtains for Blogger.

    My country has been in changing quarantine restrictions. In as much as I still wish that we will still return to our previous life... I think the new normal will be this way. :( I used to believe that I'm a home buddy and have no complains of staying home. But these quarantine restrictions are testing my mental health. My routine : home-office-groceries- repeat.. is tiring and emotionally challenging. I haven't been to any trip for more than a year. I miss the countryside and refreshing views such as your favorite garden.

    I still believe that things will be better for us soon.

    1. Hi Diane, so great to see you on my blog :) I am trying to get back to blogging regularly again. I certainly hope Google doesn't close it down!!
      The pandemic has wreaked havoc on so many countries, including mine, but at least gardens are open again, since it is outdoors. Nevertheless I still wore my mask!
      take care - Duni <3


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