Friday, September 17

New fabrics coming to the shop soon!


Hello everyone on this grey September day.

It is noticeably cooler and the light is fading fast these days. Soon the leaves will turn yellow, then brown and finally fall. I must say, although I appreciate the coziness of the Fall season, ever since I started painting again I'm aware of how short the days are now. I don't know about you, but I can only paint in natural light.

We've made quite a bit of headway in our garden, but it's going to be a while yet, before it looks presentable. Leo, of course, likes it messy. It was fun to watch him play and jump on the small mounds of earth :) 

Anyway, on to shop news!
I've been patiently waiting for new fabrics to arrive and I'm hoping for a September/October delivery. Keeping my fingers crossed. Here's a sneak peek of what's coming:

From German manufacturer Acufactum

From US Designer Brenda Riddle

Summer Picnic from Melissa Mortensen

I'm also awaiting the arrival of a few select novelty fabrics. I don't usually carry novelties, but the theme of the fabric collection is all about "sewing and handmade", so I thought they would fit in perfectly.

In my paper section I have recently received these fun items from German company Krima & Isa

And finally the most exciting news! As long-time readers may know, I have been carrying the gorgeous nostalgic and retro style fabric collections by popular US Designer Tanya Whelan for as long as I can remember. After a hiatus for a few years Tanya is back! She's now an independent designer and will be re-releasing the all-time favorite "Barefoot Roses", re-named "Barefoot Roses Classics". Sewing enthusiasts in the US are lucky, as the fabrics will already be rolled out in November. For the rest of us we will need to be patient and wait until March 2022. So, if you've missed out the first time, here's your chance to grab some of that yummy rose print fabric with additional color aqua to choose from!

That's it from me. Thanks for reading along! Have a wonderful day and weekend ahead. By the way, I have opened a new instagram account (English) for the sole purpose of showcasing my journey in art. In case you're interested and want to take a peek. You'll find me @duni_studio_art


  1. Loving those fabrics. That first with the birds is my favorite. Those tags are simply adorable.
    I've been noticing how much sooner it's been getting dark here. I go to bed early and during the summer the lights in the house never come on. The past week or so I've been turning on a lamp in the evenings.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ann! I love the birdies also :)


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