Friday, November 21

Support Handmade!

Every year around this time I compile a list of handmade goodies. Personally I love giving handmade gifts - either made by me or bought from the many small handmade businesses found on Etsy, Dawanda and similar sites. Perhaps this will inspire my readers to choose handmade over mass produced this year :) A word of caution though - due to recent and not so recent policy changes, both Etsy and Dawanda have been swamped with cheap factory-made goods. If you decide to buy off of these sites, please be discerning and read the description carefully, thank you.
Jedes Jahr um diese Jahreszeit zeige ich meine Handmade Favoritenliste. Ich verschenke nämlich sehr gerne handgefertigte Dinge - von mir selbst gemacht oder solche, die ich bei Etsy oder Dawanda finde. Schenkt Ihr auch "Handmade" dieses Jahr? Wenn ja, dann Vorsicht! Änderungen in den AGBs der beiden Webseiten haben leider dazu geführt, dass dort nun seitenweise Billigprodukte zu finden sind!! Da sollte man (frau) genau hinschauen - schon die Beschreibung verrät viel - bevor man irrtümlich ein Massenprodukt kauft. Danke.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Liebe Duni,
    gut, dass Du uns darauf hinweist!! Ich habe in meinem Posteingang auch die Nachricht von Dawanda, aber leider noch nicht gelesen.
    Ich werde vorsichtig sein. (Dein Bild dafür ist übrigens sehr schön gestaltet).
    Gibt es einen Keksstempel mit eigenem Namen? Das ist ja super!! Kannst Du mir den Shop verraten? Das wäre ein tolles Geschenk für meine liebe Schwester.
    Liebe Grüße
    Deine ANi

  2. Great gift guide, I'm especially liking the first one, what a stunning necklace! Definitely something I haven't seen before. I am not a big fan of the changes Etsy has made. Especially that treasuries became less important. Those often showed me new fantastic shops and products I probably wouldn't have seen without them. I hope they will change that and the Frontpage.

  3. Hallo liebe Duni,
    da hast Du schon einpaar schöne Dinge gefunden, die den Winter versüßen werden. Ganz prima !
    Viele liebe Grüße, Synnöve

  4. Wundervolle Produkte, Danke für den Tipp!
    Lieben Gruß

  5. Fabulous finds! My daughter could wear that dress--so pretty!

  6. Hallo liebste Duni,
    das sind wunderbare Handmade Sachen, die sicher sehr viel Freude machen beim Verschenken!
    Bei uns gibt es auch nur Handmade Dinge, aber auch nur aus unserer eigenen Kreativwerkstatt ;O)
    Ich wünsche Dir noch einen schönen Nachmittag und ebenso ein wunderschönes Wochenende!
    ♥ Allerliebste Grüße, Claudia ♥

  7. So many cute things here! And I do try to give as many handmade things as I can, either made by me or someone on Etsy. I agree that it can be harder to tell these days who is mass-producing items and who is actually hand-making them. But you can tell. Reading about pages helps! :)

  8. That dress is gorgeous! I love to buy and make handmade goodies, too. You're right about the market being flooded with things that are obviously mass-produced, but there are still "real" people out there making cool stuff. I automatically ignore shops that don't have an about page or aren't upfront about where they're located. If something seems suspiciously affordable, I also read reviews and see if anybody mentions the item shipping form China. I've ruled out a few shops doing that!

  9. Yay for shopping small and supporting handmade too! I really like the rolling pin featured. And the shop small stamp is super cute.

    If you or anyone you know is having a Small Business Saturday Sale, you can link up your coupon code over at my blog - just click on the page that says "Giveaways & Deals."

    Have a great weekend!

  10. That rolling pin is amazing! Everything is gorgeous. It is a shame that The handmade websites are now allowing these mass produced items to be sold. The average person doesn't realize they aren't buying handmade all the time on Etsy or Dawanda. :(

  11. Great gift ideas! If I only I could look like that in that dress! *sigh*

  12. Beautiful items. I love that dress, wish I could wear something like that.
    It's a shame that Etsy changed their policies.

  13. Some lovely items D. :)

    I LOVE the custom rolling pin, I have had my eye on that shop for a while :)

    It is sad that Etsy has decided to change its policies, I feel it has hurt more people than has helped :(

    I LOVE to make gifts for Xmas, this year I am working on finishing a quilt and rebinding another :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, cheers, T. :)

  14. The dress is stunning! I'm pretty bummed about the Etsy changes, too, and I hope people take you advice and pay attention before buying. I usually try to look at a shop before even including an item in a treasury!

  15. Absolutely will do this year! I comited to buy on Etsy this year every present for my family! As an artist and seller on Etsy, I would like to support our creative, talented and amazingly supportive artisans community! Go handmade!!!!


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