Monday, October 29

Monday Moodboard

I rarely see squirrels around here, so I was quite surprised to spot two when I went for a walk at the weekend. They are funny creatures and a joy to watch! The trees seem to have lost most of their leaves all in one go. Winter is just around the corner and the weather forecast says to expect fresh snow...
Hope you enjoy my woodland inspired moodboard today!
Ich bekomme selten Eichhörnchen zu sehen. Ziemlich überrascht war ich, als ich beim Spaziergang am Wochenende gleich zwei entdeckte! Es sind ja wirklich lustige Tierchen! Die Bäume hier haben massiv Blätter verloren. Der Winter naht und es soll angeblich Neuschnee geben...
Mein Spaziergang durch den hiesigen Park inspirierte mich zur heutigen Montags-Collage!

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  1. so cute and cuddly ... love it Duni x

  2. Squirrels are just the cutest :) And your features are sure cute too!
    Snow...I'm not ready for that yet!

  3. Die Brosche ist herzallerliebst. Ich musste sofort dem Shop einen Besuch abstatten.
    Liebe Grüsse

  4. NICE moodboard. We have a squirrel this year. He's young and fun to watch. Do your squirrels have tuffted ears like the ones in Bavaria?

  5. Liebe Duni,
    Deine Collage finde ich wunderschön!!! Mehr Herbst geht nicht! besonders das Aquarell hat es mir angetan, sehr süß!!!

    Ganz liebe Grüße, Birgit

  6. Wow, snow already?! We just had our first frost last night.

    We have a squirrel who lives in one our maple trees. I see him prancing around the yard everyday.

  7. If you want squirrels head over to my place! Well perhaps not this week with hurricane Sandy coming in. But we've always got at least 3-4 running around the yard, across the tops of the fences or up the trees. We've got one we call 'crazy Charlie' that likes to run halfway up the trunk of the tree and back flip off! Great show when you catch him in his frisky mood :)

  8. Squirrels are quite fun to watch around here too! Your finds are adorable!

  9. We are fortunate to live in an older neighborhood with lots of squirrels. How neat that you were able to see a couple of them recently. I love your hedgehog picks. Too adorable.

  10. Squirrels are so much fun to watch. That's a sweet moodboard today!

  11. Cute finds!
    Everyday Inspired

  12. I love watching the squirrels, they can be so entertaining. What a sweet mood board this is

  13. Great mood board Duni! I love Raluca's art.

    Ali @

  14. Hi Duni, those are lovely creations you've made. Did you paint the watercolor artwork?

    Philippines, where I came from, doesn't have squirrels. So, I've never seen squirrels until I came to the U.S. Florida doesn't have squirrels either. In Wyoming where I live now have lots of them. Infact we have them in our own backyard. They're very playful creatures and very intertaining to watch.

    Have a great week.

  15. I love the little hedgehogs! Very cute!

  16. What cute little woodland finds! Thank you for sharing. I love our neighborhood squirrels. They always make me giggle.

  17. Hallo Duni ...
    Das war bestimmt eine tolle Reise ...
    Deine squares sehen Yummi aus...


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