Friday, July 22

DIY Designer Top - TUTORIAL

I recently came across this designer top and thought to myself " I could make that!" and that's exactly what I did. So here is an easy-peasy tutorial for you to get that designer look for less!

Neulich habe ich ein hinreißendes Designer Top entdeckt, aber statt es für etliche $$$ zu kaufen habe ich mir ein ähnliches selber gemacht, denn es ist so einfach nachzumachen! Und wie das geht seht ihr hier:

You will need /Was man braucht

1 plain cotton tank top, colour of your choice
1 Baumwolltop mit etwas breiteren Trägern, uni
Variety of ribbons and embellishments, same or similar colour as top
Einige hübsche Bänder und Borten in der Farbe des Tops
Matching thread, sewing needle
Passendes Garn, Nadel zum Nähen

Step One/Schritt Eins

make about 6 - 8 bows from the ribbon
etwa 6 - 8 Schleifen machen

Step Two/Schritt Zwei

plan the layout of the ribbons along one side of the strap
bevor ihr mit dem Annähen beginnt, das Layout der Schleifen festlegen

Step Three/Schritt Drei

sew on the ribbons and embellishment by hand - FINISHED
Mit der Hand die Schleifen an den Träger annähen - FERTIG!

See how easy it was to create that designer look in three simple steps?
So einfach ist es ein Designer Top in drei Schritten selbst zu kreieren!


  1. I have several tee shirts that I want to embellish. I had every intention of doing a tutorial and even picked up the supplies....Love the tank and the lovely colors you chose.

  2. I love your version of the designer top! This is an awesome tutorial that I will have to try. Have a wonderful Friday!

  3. Simple, sweet, cute and romantic:-)) I love it! and I love the colours:-) Thanks so much for the tutorial dearest Duni! have a wonderful weekend


    Syl :-)))))))

  4. simple and easy to follow.

  5. It turned out very cute! I might even be able to do that!

  6. AnonymousJuly 22, 2011

    A great idea!

  7. What a cute idea! And even I can do that :) Thanks Duni!

  8. That is super easy. I agree with Edi that even I can do that! Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a great tutorial! What a difference the little bows make for that shirt. Very cute.

  10. I could make that, if someone else made it for me! lol.. so, yes, I am saying that I can't make that. I can't sew a button, much less anything else, lol, sad but true. ah well.

  11. that is easy and it's so cute.

  12. This is gorgeous....and a great idea...I will need to put this on my to-do list! I'm hosting a linky party this weekend; I'd love for you to stop by share

  13. Hi Duni! It looks easy but I'm sure when I try it would become a total disaster. hahahaha!

    Oh btw I've seen your mannequin again, I got almost fooled again. ;-) The blouse looks so girly and comfy.

  14. Super Anleitung und das Ergebnis ist klasse!

  15. Beautiful!!! And I love the new hangers to show off your beautiful creations.

  16. Eine tolle Idee.

    LG Annett


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