Friday, July 8

I'm back...bin wieder da!

I probably should have listened to my hubby when he told me to take along the laptop. I figured since I was only gone for a week, and my online shops were closed during that time I wouldn't need it. Boy, was I wrong!!!It made me realize how addicted I've become to my computer. It seems a big chunk of my life revolves around my online activities. I've missed you guys!
Back home I've replied to the most pressing emails, done three loads of laundry, packed and shipped the orders that were placed just before I left, cleaned, cooked and cuddled my cat Sammy, who is so relieved that things are "back to normal". Not that he had a bad time while I was away. I heard he got extra treats from hubby for being so patient ;-) And even though I told my husband not to worry about Entrecard, he still took on the challenge and continued to drop almost every day I was away. He's amazing!
I saw this double rainbow from my kitchen window. There is something so special and magical about rainbows. Don't you think so too?

double rainbow ~ doppelter Regenbogen, gesehen vom Küchenfenster

Kaum bin ich wieder zuhause geht es schon wieder richtig mit der Arbeit los. Vielleicht hätte ich doch auf meinen Mann hören sollen, als er mir vor der Abreise sagte ich sollte doch mein Laptop mitnehmen. Da ich meine Online Shops vorübergehend geschlossen hatte, dachte ich, daß ich ganz gut ohne Internet auskommen würde. Von wegen!!! Jede Menge Anfragen und Bestellungen sind während meiner Abwesenheit eingetroffen, die ich jetzt so schnell es geht bearbeiten werde. Unterdessen habe ich schon geputzt, gekocht, drei Ladungen Wäsche erledigt und verfasse gerade meinen monatlichen Artikel über deutsche Handarbeit für den EGST Blog. Mein Kater Sammy ist überglücklich, daß ich wieder zuhause bin. Mein Mann natürlich auch ;-)
Ich komme euch bald wieder auf euren Blogs besuchen, und darauf freue ich mich!


  1. Hello Duni and welcome back! I agree, rainbows have a special meaning. As a kid, I am always fascinated whenever I see one. As I grew up, I have seen it as a sign that wonderful things are to come ahead. I'm sure the twin rainbow will bring something positive to you.

  2. Dear Duni, wonderful to see you back! yeah I agree there must be something special about rainbows, I love them!



  3. Welcome back Duni. I love rainbows, too. These days as everyhing is so technical and digital and so on, it is lovely to have such magical things like rainbows!

  4. vielen dank für deinen lieben Kommentar auf meiner Seite :)

    glg und ein wunderschönes Wochenende von TAnja ♥

  5. Welcome back, Duni! Sounds like you had a good trip away. Kudos to your hubby for keeping up with Entrecard; even though my hubby's business is online, I think he'd scratch his head with that one. ;)

    I personally find it hard to get back into the online stuff after a week away, but that's me.

  6. I'm glad you're back home and hope you had a relaxing trip! I find it hard to be away from the computer for a couple of hours let alone a week but it's necessary every so often to recharge. The double rainbow is very magical!

  7. Welcome back, Duni! You have a great husband.

  8. Welcome back :) And what a beautiful rainbow photo!!!

    I don't know how you went a whole week without the computer! I have a show tomorrow and I'm wondering how I'm going to make it through the day...LOL!

  9. welcome back Duni. I can so relate. if I go one day without keeping up with things it takes me days to catch back up.
    Pretty rainbow

  10. Welcome home! Good to hear from you again :) You have a very nice husband! I'm glad you had a good trip!

  11. Welcome!!

    I think I have only see double rainbows twice--rainbows of any kind are always beautiful.


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