Saturday, October 23

New directions and new doctor!

I have been dawdling the last couple of days...not doing much of anything, really. This is so unlike me!
I am taking an unusually long time to recover and I've already prepared a whole list of questions for my doctor when I have my check up early next week. I changed my doctor, btw. I was getting increasingly annoyed by my old doctor's attitude. I have been very patient so far, but there comes a point where certain things just can't be tolerated anymore! The new doctor is a young(ish) woman and I hope we will get along!

Meanwhile I've been thinking.
I was browsing through my old sketchbooks and came upon some ideas I had for lounge wear/home wear/pyjamas. I got excited all over again and so I sat down and developed the pattern - for pyjama bottoms first, because they're the easiest. Here's a sneak peek at the pair I made with some pretty fabric I had in my stash. There is an endless variety of embellishments that could be added. I settled on a ribbon at the waist and a bit of lace trim at the bottom.

I'm still developing the pattern for the homewear top. I want it to be loose-fitting yet feminine and flirty. I will post the ensemble here on my blog once it is finished. That may take some time though...

Thank you for stopping by and wishing everyone a relaxing weekend!


  1. Best of luck with your new doctor. It can be quite frustrating to have one that you don't seem to connect well with, you made a wise choice in finding a new one.
    Love lounge wear, I go to work in the morning dreaming about getting back home and changing in to the comfy lounge pants :) Those are very pretty. Can't wait to see the whole ensemble

  2. I hope the new doctor is able to answer questions and help you feel your best. It's good you switched since the old one just wasn't doing his job.

    Those are very cute pajamas! I love to wear lounge wear especially since I work at home. :) Might as well be comfy while I go throughout my day!

  3. I hope this new doctor's THE ONE! I changed OBGs a few times before finding my current one, who's been my doctor for nigh on 12 years. It's like love, I guess! Yes, a doctor's just as important as a life partner because the doctor can save your life!

    Meanwhile, I think it's a good sign that you're inspired and working on new projects =) Sending healing thoughts your way, D!

  4. The pj's look so pretty! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  5. Please do take your time to get well! Any stress you let yourself absorb will only prolong your weariness. Take it easy! Hard to do, I know.

    Love the new pattern, can't wait to see it down the road:)

  6. I mentioned on my blog once that I suffered for almost two years before a new doctor took my complaints seriously and discovered I had a tumor in my neck. It has been almost a year since the surgery and I am so grateful for that new(er) doctor. I hope things go well for you and you can get on the mend.

    And my daughter would LOVE the pink trim--she is forever trying to get me to embellish things for her with ribbons and lace.

  7. I can't wait to see your top.
    By the way, good on you for changing doctors. Get plenty of rest so you can heal.

    Deanna :D

  8. Let me know when you make these. I believe that people should always get a second opinion and or a new doctor if ANYTHING doesn't feel right - so good for you. I hope you are feeling better :)

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  10. I hope you like your new doctor. I've also been thinking about changing doctors. I go to mine tomorrow, and if he doesn't give me the answers I need, I might switch.

    The pajamas are lovely.

  11. I used to have a doctor that I don't like coz she's always busy , and she seems to be insincere, and always discouraging me instead of encouraging me.
    I hope you and your new doc will be getting along perfectly.
    It seems you'll have a pretty project coming up again.

  12. Hi Duni,
    I wish I have a magic wand to wave your illness away. Hang in there Dunni. I hope that the new doctor will be a better match and be more helpful to you.

    The pyjama bottom looks cute and flirty. Tehehe. Be looking forward to seeing the complete ensamble.

    Hope you get to be feeling well soon.



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