Monday, October 25


...are pretty much like Sundays around here. I woke up Mommy really early and reminded her it was time for breakfast. After that I nipped outside to get some fresh air, but it was sooo cold that I rushed straight back inside! When I saw that Mommy was settling in front of the computer to work, I immediately blocked the keyboard =^..^=  But then Mommy presented me with my favourite toy (a mouse with a fuzzy ball attached to it) and I got distracted and ended up back in the living room. Oh well, it doesn't matter - it was time for a nap anyway and the tiles are so nice and warm from the floor heating...

hope your day is as comfortable as mine!



  1. I wish my Mondays were as nice as yours Sammy but I'm afraid it's off to work for me this morning. Enjoy your day

  2. Oooo...floor heating? What a lucky kitty! Isn't it such a shame when you actually have to work and not play with kitty:) Ours sit on the keyboard too.

  3. I want floor heating! Sammy is very lucky:)

  4. You had a big morning Sammy but we're glad you were able to get in a nap on heated tiles! That sounds purrfect!

    PeeS: You look very handsome today!

  5. Duni - I have been so far into my studio that I think I may have ceased to exist outside of it! Love when the holidays approach, but it just gets so darn busy!

    Please keep us updated on the whole doctor thing!

    Hope all is well your way. Tell Sammy I said 'Hey, cool Kat!"


  6. Sammy, if you want to really help your human work, you need to stay focused! You can't let toys distract you from your duties... at least not for too long. If you keep coming back and supervising her, maybe she will give you a bonus (i.e., a treat).

  7. Too cute Duni! Makes me miss my Oreo-kitty : )

    Hope all is well with you...will be in touch soon with you! xoxo

  8. Too cute. It made me smile. Comfy, warm tiles sounds so nice in the winter time. I wish I have one of those days as Sammy has.



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