Friday, June 11

Love sleep masks, love polka dots

handmade sleepmasks by Peridot by Duni on Etsy

Sales of my sleep masks have been going well both on and off-line. I made a couple more in my favourite polka dot fabrics to stock up my Etsy shop. Look out for more designs to come!

On a different topic - well, I finally managed to add a facebook 'like' box (see right side), except whenever I go off-line, the box displays 'profile not visible', which sort of defeats the purpose! I have seen this on a couple other blogs too and there are a number of people complaining about this in the help section on FB, but I could not find an appropriate answer or solution so far. So, if my 'like' box is invisible to you, but you would still like to 'like' my page on FB (that's a lot of likes in one sentence) AND get a chance at winning a handmade shoulder bag this summer you can find me here.

Happy Friday!


  1. Those polka sleep masks are cute. The colors are color... Plus bed and beauty category is more specific and more attractive to consumers.
    Hope to see your sale skyrocketed....

  2. Those sleep masks are really adorable, I wouldn't mind hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock if I'm wearing those :)

    Will visit your Facebook page now :)

  3. AnonymousJune 11, 2010

    That is really crazy about the facebook thing. Hmmm...never seen that before :(

    Love your sleep masks, but I still love the cherry one :)

  4. I love that pink one Duni! It's super cute

  5. Your masks are so cute and great thinking to move them to another section.

    I wondered about the FB thing on my blog. It makes me want to take the silly thing off!

  6. Cute works as always!
    I wonder why, now I know after you explained about the fb icon being off.
    How about if you don't mind likes me too, in case I couldn't find your fb likes page, thanks Duni

  7. Glad to hear online sales are increasing! Those sleep masks are great!

  8. Those sleep masks are adorable and a god send for those of us who sleep too late ;)

  9. Polka dots are always so cute and refreshing. I am so happy your sales are going so well. You have quite a talent.

  10. Love the polka dot sleep masks. Even the colors look calm and relaxing.

  11. Those sleep masks are so cute! I'm glad your sales are increasing and hope they continue to do so!

  12. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    I am a new follower. I LOVE these. I can't sleep without an eye mask, and now I can have one handmade. Need to decide on a color. I will be back!

  13. very cute sleep masks! Isn't it great when you can change a word or two, and the product is noticed more?

  14. I LOVE Duni's sleep masks!! I HAVE one!!! :D


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