Thursday, June 24

Random thoughts

I admit it.
I am way behind schedule where my website is concerned. Originally I had planned to launch it the first week of July, but now it looks more like mid- or (dare I say it) - even end of July. Reason being that I needed to finish off the custom bag orders that have been trickling in over the last couple of weeks - which is great of course!! Nice to know people have confidence in me and my work even before my website is up and running. Also, I'm still trying to figure out  VirtueMart (a shopping cart extension for Joomla!) with all its parameters, modules, categories and sub-categories. I even bought this great tome on shopping cart applications to help me along. Six months ago it all seemed so simple in theory! Well that's me - ever the optimist :) 
Next week I'm meeting a member of my creativ community - she already has her site up, so I might glean some pointers from her.

Weather-wise it's going up and down over here. We've had a couple of warm days inbetween, but where's the real summer? Naturally I'm outside on those warm days enjoying the sun, and I'm very happy to see our mini-cherry-tree actually bearing fruit for the first time. It didn't look too good with the extremely cold winter we've had. And finally my pale pink rambling roses are in full bloom! They too started off in a pot and they actually traveled with me whenever I moved house! They have their permanent home here in the garden now, and since then they have grown to 3 meters high.

Facebook is turning out to be quite fun! I've 're-connected' with people I haven't seen in two decades! There's a reunion planned in July, but due to work obligations I can't go. My 'problem' with the FB widget hasn't gone away; I'm sorry if my profile isn't visible to you at certain times. I haven't forgotten about my handbag giveaway for bloggers and facebook fans/friends. That's next on my list! this space :)


  1. I have been waiting for that website! I bet it will be great and well worth the time. And your bags are great so of course you are getting in those orders.

    and I have many moments where I just cannot stand FB and want to never visit it again:)

  2. Good to see that you are bz.. and i am sure your website will launch in due time.

    Mini cherry tree.. i would love to have that tree here... but i don't think it will grow well.

    i just planted some roses too.. tiny ones... it bloomed like about 3 times.. hhehehhehee

    Take care Duni and have a nice day ya!

  3. Yes, Facebook is fun! You do get the random stranger now and then but I figured if you don't put yourself out there so much, strangers are fine. Haha! I'm a fan of your Facebook page, Duni!

  4. Your roses are lovely! Wish I had a cherry tree, too. :)

  5. If only things could work out as well as they do in

  6. I wouldn't know what to do if I'd be doing a website. That's why my blogsite is the same forever. LOL. I tip my hat off to you. You're a brave young lady to venture into it.

    Your roses are beautiful and your cherry fruits look ready to be picked and eaten.

  7. I think the website will be well worth the wait!

  8. Another GORGEOUS handbag and your roses are so, so pretty. I can't wait to see your web site, but I can wait. I hope you enjoy your summer. I see you are getting quite famous as a designer - good for you :)

  9. patience is a virtue, Hugs my sweet friend, Katherine

  10. Dear Duni,
    What beautiful roses!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my W-post! I have left a longer reply there.
    Best wishes,

    For the benefit of other readers:
    Anna's W-Words

  11. Duni, love that bag, such gorgeous fabric and colors.

    I'm getting the hang of FB and even started playing Farmville though I don't have clue how

  12. Duni, I anxiously await your website and that bag has glorious rich colors. I like it.

  13. AnonymousJune 27, 2010

    Sorry to hear about your website - mine is just not working for me. I may have to leave the company I'm with and try a new company. I hate the website aspect...I'm clueless!


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