Wednesday, June 9

Craft book by Sandi Henderson

I love Sandi Henderson fabrics and use them frequently for my bags. Her new book is out now. It's full of cute little projects using fabric scraps - appliqué a table cloth for your kitchen, make a stuffed owl for your child or sew a patchwork headscarf for yourself - clear simple instructions and illustrations make this book easy to work with. From sewing novices to advanced seamstresses - there's a fun project in this book for everyone! I love these small craft projects for when I need a break between bags plus I get to use up all those left-over scraps! I bought mine at Amazon for about 12 Euro.


  1. I am also a fan of Sandi's. I love the bright fabrics her stories of her shoes (on her blog).

  2. I love projects that you get to use up what you've got in your stash. I'm always wondering what to do with those little left overs.

  3. Looks chock full of great ideas! Wish I could sew though. :(

  4. i love to see all this projects.. but i can't sew for nuts. My mom's sewing machine collecting dust here.. and i can't sew.

    Maybe i should learn how to sew and be ambitious.. cos i wanna sew a bed for Dom :p.. it might end up looking like a donut.

    happy thursdays to u Duni.. welcome back :)

  5. I visited Sandi's website... and I love the designs of the fabrics...

  6. Beautiful sweater! I love embellishments!
    Sasha is so excited about her award - she wants to tell the world about it soon :)

  7. I'd love to do some of those craft projects. I only wish I have the time. I sewed some clothes for my kids when they were little. But that was when I was a stay home mom. Now, with a fulltime job and family and housechores and many other distractions, there's just not time for hobbies anymore, except blogging ocassionally. Tehehe.



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