Sunday, May 10

Dear Mom,

thank you for always being there when I needed you most. Happy Mother's Day ♥
For some reason there are very few photo's of me and my mom together. This is one of them from way back in the 70's at Christmas - I just adore that dress my mom's wearing; wish she had kept it. I could have worn it now - so vintage!


  1. What a lovely and sweet picture from you and your Mom ^__^
    Happy Mothersday
    to all mothers in the world :)
    Sweet greetz (@^.^@)

  2. Lovely post. Happy Mother's Day to you and your little furry one. :)

  3. What an awesome photo of the 2 of you! Both so beautiful!

    Happy Mother's Day Duni!!! Hope you have a wonderful one!

  4. Wow Duni! your mother looks gorgeous and you look so cute!! :) Happy Mothers Day!! :)

  5. Happy Mothers Day! I'm in the UK so its weird wishing happy mothers day in May rather than in March!

  6. Both of you just beautiful :)
    Happy Mothers Day Duni!

  7. Such a sweet photo Duni!'s the conundrum of all moms everywhere. so few photos of us with our kids because we're usually the ones taking the pictures!
    Enjoy your day today ♥

  8. Awh, very cute! I do love the dress too..but can't quite tell what the print is...

  9. That is such a sweet picture and a GREAT dress!!

    Jillian :)

  10. Happy Mothers Day!
    A very nice photo. You know, it got me thinking, I dont have much pictures with me and my Mom either. I better get snapping.
    Thanks for thge tribute.

  11. Lovely post Duni! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  12. very vintage, indeed! oh, such a sweet memory... did u still remember the conversation? hehehe...
    Happy Mother's day!

  13. Thanks for sharing the photo.

    I told my hubby that the kids will not know what I looked like when they were younger because I am always taking the pictures and am never in them!!



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