Friday, May 22

Crafting it forward

A couple of days ago this pink padded envelope landed on my doorstep. I just knew it was for me straight away :) Sinclair over at the wonderful blog Nature with Me sent me an adorable handmade pincushion shaped like a birdie and lovingly embroidered. It came wrapped up in a beautiful piece of lace fabric which immediately went into my special fabric box - I'll definitely incorporate it into one of my bags. Thank you so much! I love my little pincushion, and as I mentioned in a private email it is far too precious to stick pins into! So....I hope you don't mind, Sinclair, but I altered it slightly by attaching a bit of ribbon to hang it up in my office! In fact, I used the ribbon that you had tied around the birdie! I really enjoy looking at it from my desk :) Now it's my turn to 'craft it forward'. I'll be making something from fabric obviously. Not straight away, but definitely before summer. I can't guarantee that you'll like my choice of fabric, but I do hope so! The recipient will be chosen randomly from all commenters of my last three posts. I will reveal the recipient's name next week, so keep tuned!


  1. I love that birdie, so cute :)

    Nice to receive post from your blogfriends or other friends !!!
    Its always fun ^__^

    Have a nice evening :)

  2. That birdie is certainly too cute to put pins in so I love how you altered it! Isn't it so fun to get handmade goodies in the mail?

  3. how creative! it's really cute! how nice.

  4. wow!! that's very sweet, Duni and the birdie is a cutie!^-^ you're so lucky to meet friends with same talent:)) sure it's a fun thing to look forward to:))

  5. awww...what a cutie birdie.

  6. Cute birdie! The colors remind me of a hex sign. I wouldn't be able to stick pins in it, either. :)

  7. That is so precious.
    As usual this is the time I wish I had some crafty bone in my body, what a thoughtful gift!

  8. what a generous give away..and so prettily wrapped!

  9. it's so cute!and you're creative to put a ribbon on it instead. =)

  10. AnonymousMay 25, 2009

    It's very cute:) I don't think I could bear to stick pins into it either. I'd love to participate, but I've just done one myself. It's quite a fun little trend going around!

  11. I love the pink envelope too but the pin cushion is the cutest!!

  12. What a beautiful gift, and I love the idea of crafting it forward!!

    I hope this idea stays around for a very long time!!

    And you had the right idea of displaying it, and not torturing it...LOL

    Take care,

  13. Ohh that's so cute!

    This sounds like a fun exchange.I am very much interested in receiving gifts. I think I might do a craft if forward too.

  14. This is just a very sweet thing to do! The little bird is adorable.


  15. THis is a really sweet craft it forward. I currently have one going myself and I am just about to complete my last handmade gift. I have been having trouble finding handmade pay it forwards that were given and received so I just created a flickr pool to showcase the lovely work and would love to have this and your items added to it.

    Thanks for spreading handmade!


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