Monday, April 6

Vintage Cherry

I finally finished this very special handbag at the weekend! Why is it special? Well, for one, it took me ages to work up the courage to cut the Belgian vintage fabric! When I spotted it years ago I immediately fell in love with the discreet all-over rose pattern and the soft taupe colour (the photo doesn't do justice to the colour). The fabric is a cotton/linen mix, which I washed on delicate cycle prior to cutting. Second, I was looking for a fresh print to match it up with and finally settled on this cherry fabric by Sandi Henderson. I'm glad I could also finally make use of the oversized button I'd saved. Third, I spent ages working out the neat pleats at the top. And finally, it's special...because this bag is for me! Yes! I've been wanting to make a bag for myself for the spring/summer season for ages. And it had to be fairly large. This bag is quite roomy with the bottom width measuring approx. 40cm (16 inches). I made up the lining from the rest of the rose fabric and added a pink/white polka dot fully lined pocket inside. The entire bag is stabilized with interfacing. Well, now that I've got that done I can continue working on bags for my shop! Oh, and a quick note to Entrecard advertisers: I've got so many of you lined up - please give my non-paying Entrecard bloggers a chance on my widget too!


  1. wow you made that?
    it was awesome
    iam a guy but i found it stunning
    i think that was very special
    have a great day and happy blogging

  2. Waaaaaaaaaaw Duni that bag is BEAUTIFUL. its my taste, great :))))
    So nice fresh colors !!

  3. so fun! you're oh-so talented!! Can't wait to see whats next!

  4. Great turnout! I really enjoy Henderson's fabric and what a great combination. I need to make a new bag/sippy cup/diaper bag for myself and just cannot get started. Maybe this is the motivation I needed.

    I am thinking of leaving EC. What a mess right now....

    Oh, and we LOVE shortbread!:)


  5. It's a beautiful purse! About the entrecard tid-bit...not too sure what to think about this new system. It's really unfair to the people using credits, huh?

  6. That is beautiful, and that's from your #1 brown lover :)

    Entrecard. Hmmm, I don't think we have a chance.

  7. That bag is GORGEOUS!! Aw, I wish I had one. You're going to get so many compliments on it.

    Like erika said, Entrecard's a mess right now. I don't like all these paid ads.

  8. What a beautiful bag Duni!!and also what a taste and sense of colours!! Really amazed by your talents,skills and arts..*Bows* to your skills and arts Duni..

  9. Congratulations with your bag!! It's gorgeous!
    Very nice job.

    Whenever you're tired of it..... ;)

    Have a nice day!

  10. Beautiful bag!The color, the design & the pattern combination are perfect. You are absolutely talented. Congrats!

  11. That is an absolutely beautiful bag Duni! So, so pretty!

  12. Thanks for sending me some sunshine!
    (it's still snowing, but I feel the "love" )

  13. It's beautiful, Duni!! You deserve your very own Duni-creation to carry and love. :)


  14. That bag is so beautiful! I absolutely love it. I hope you enjoy it!

  15. oh my gosh, Duni!! That bag is beautiful!!

  16. That is such a cute bag. I have a hard time cutting my favorite material too! But how is anyone going to see it without me making something? Ah, therein lies the rub...

  17. you're very talented,'s great that you're making the most of it... and I'm so happy for you, doing what you really wanted to do:) thanks for sharing such art...have a great evening!

  18. Waaahhhh...It's beautiful. You have such a talent. I wish I could be as creative as you. Gosh, give me scissors and threads and all I end up making are scraps, nothing ever worth keeping nor looking at. lols...Great job Duni!

  19. That bag is gorgeous! Have lots of fun with it this spring and summer!

    Best wishes,



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