Tuesday, April 14

Rosy Wristlet

Anyone who has been to my Dawanda shop will know that I love fabrics with rose prints! This romantic wristlet is made from two toning fabrics - a soft rose linen and a bold pink rose print. It is fully lined with a fine pale pink cotton. The strap is embellished with a sweet flower trim. The size is perfect to carry the bare essentials - house keys, credit card, compact and cell phone. Alternatively it can be used as a make-up bag. Use the strap to hang on a hook, if you haven't got much space in your bathroom! Hope you all had a pleasant Easter. Now it's back to work for most of us! Until next time ☺


  1. I love the contrast. I think it makes the roses jump out :)

  2. That is so pretty! I love the soft pinks. My daughter is going to be looking or something this size, although probably in black! I'll show her this one to give her an idea and we'll check back with you. Do you ever do any in black/blue? (dark colors)

  3. very pretty! I just bought four different colored rose prints...can't wait to use 'em!

  4. This is adorable, Duni!! I just wish I was classy enough to use it...lol

  5. Duni I love it :)))))))
    You are make a really LOVELY PURSES
    The color ist nice and sweet.....
    Roses are nice and sweet.........
    The purse is veryyyyyyy sweet !!

  6. @Lynne

    I tend to go for light, bright colours, because they cheer me up! I think it's to do with the weather over here. ☺

    I've had a couple queries just like yours (whether I do dark colours) Certainly! I can do any colour ☺
    I was going to look into darker colours in the near future and see if there's something to my liking. I'll definitely post about it!

  7. Very pretty...gorgeous roses!!

  8. The Wristlet is very pretty Duni!!!I always have a liking for bold prints..You always amaze me with your cute lovely purses!! Cheers! :)

  9. I love that the whole purse is not all roses! You made it look so soft to the eye, so pleasant!

  10. Absolutely beautiful as always Duni.

    I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter. God bless.


  11. I have to force myself to stay away from pink and floral prints so I understand.

    I like how the strap coordinates with the bag.


  12. Yea...I'm not thinking (at least I hope not) that the guy spit on my car on purpose. I'm sure he just spit out the window with no regard for where exactly it landed. Which I'm not sure is much better. Love the wristlet!!! The strap is so nice and long- great design:)

  13. I've been swooning since I looked at that lovely wristlet! I revived long enough to take another look and swooned again......lol! I really love it. Great work Duni!

    You've Been Tagged! Visit my blog to get a copy of the questions.

    Deanna :D

  14. This is so cute...it's so ummm...pink! I love it

  15. this is so sweet and delicate. I love it!

  16. i love rose prints too! it's very cute, Duni^-^...so elegant and the color combination is great:) no wonder, you've sold tons of purses coz indeed they're all lovely!
    enjoy your weekend:)

  17. This is gorgeous! So pretty!


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