Saturday, March 14

Spring is in the air, I think...I hope?

I woke up this morning wondering what that yellow light coming through the blinds was. I looked outside and couldn't believe it was the sun! The very first rays of sunshine after months and months of grey clouds, rain, snow, storms, and yes, even hail! I felt so happy that I got us square muffins for breakfast (yeah, my baker's got a sense of humour) I also finally finished my Springtime bag. Actually I started this in January, then I fell ill. When I got better (or thought I did) I worked on it some more, then I fell ill again - only worse. That's why I was only able to finish it now. In fact, just in time for Dawanda's colour of the month, which happens to be green. I like green in all variations. The bag is decorated with a dainty floral trim and dragonfly appliqué. Wishing everyone a sunny weekend!


  1. This is really pretty. I love the dragon fly detail.

  2. I love it!
    I love the sun too! It's coming out here too!

  3. Wow, that is one gorgeous bag!

  4. It's so lovely! And very spring-y!! :) Makes me ready for warm weather and sunshine!

  5. every word I said was true! I have so many stories!!

  6. Duni, that bag is lovely! It's so feminine and pretty - I love it! And those muffins look pretty good too! Enjoy your sunshine!

  7. Oh, Duni...that is a beautiful bag!! And so glad you got to see some sun, along with your square muffin, lol!

  8. Please come enter Project Create a Homes Giveaway!


  9. Glad you are feeling better and that is a cute bag.

  10. Beautiful bag as always. I love the design & the colors as well.

    Are we related by any chance :) ?
    I just read your comment at Chichiboulie blog about endanger species. I just thought about that theme too. I'm so surprise :)

  11. Hi Duni!
    how are you doing? How wonderful that you got some sun. We need some too. It's been dark and rainy for several days but I know it's almost time for that oppresive heat and humidty to rear their ugly heads soon! LOL!

    The bag is precious. You need to record yourself working on a bag. I'd love to see you at work!

    Deanna :D

  12. Duni I really love your blog. Isn't spring wonderful. I will be doing a post about spring in the next day or two. I just love the beautful flowers and the spring air. I can't wait.

    That's a very beautiful purse. I love greens in all shades as well. I just bought a new setee that is sage in color with other lovely colors mixed in. I find this color very soothing.

  13. What an absolutely beautiful bag! I love those colors and the dragonfly is the cutest! Great job!

    =) Crystal

  14. Duni, I love this bag! I can definitely see my daughter liking this bag and it would be perfect for her Easter dress.

  15. It's great to hear that spring is finally arriving in Europe. I'm sure that you will get out and enjoy it. The bag is lovely and looks very 'easter-y' (if that's a word!)



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