Sunday, March 29

Time change!

What time change? I'm sleeping in...


  1. What nice I see for the first time a picture of your cat:)
    What a beauty :)
    Kareltje is white red but he had a little dot on his head thats black ;)
    He is sleeping the hole sunday LOL

  2. We wake Mommy up every day with the sunrise so well, we are not too effected ;-) But on time with the change to summer time the sun is shining bright today. :-)
    *Chica & Pumuckl*

  3. Hi Sammy! I am going to sleep in today, too. And nap. Lots of napping.

  4. sounds like a plan to me:)

  5. That does sound good...

  6. If only the kids would take their naps!

  7. Hi Duni, your cat looks sooo cute!! I love cats! Thank you so much Duni for dropping by my blog..I'm really out of words to express my feeling for the concern you friends are showing at me..blessed to have such wonderful friends like you in blogosphere..I have decided to drop Ecs only on few blogs who cares to read mine Duni..I dont believe in dropping like a robot and running away..will be dropping and commenting on your blog regularly my friend :) it will take a week's time for my new post to come Duni!cheers!!my friend :)

  8. Oh Sammy we changed our time over here already and I don't like it either!!

    Enjoy your nap!! My Puma is!!:-)

  9. I hope you have a great week.
    I wanted you to know that I've been spending alot of time with my daughter at the doctor's.
    She started getting really sick again, so my priority has been her, not blogging...

  10. I know Sammy it stinks, I don't like it at all either. Would you please do me a favor and tell mommy something she already knows, lol! She has two awards on my blog because she is absolutely a wonderful person and I love her dearly. Thank you Sammy and you are still as handsome as ever by the way.




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