Wednesday, March 25


It seems spring has taken a backseat, while the rain continues to pour down and temperatures have dropped to 3°C. Brrrr. We even got a bit of sleet yesterday. Since I won't be going out in this weather I decided to analyze my sales on my selling site. I joined Dawanda in October of last year. Overall I'd say my sales are steady, with December '08 being my strongest month. Considering I don't have the means nor the time to churn out bags en masse, I'm happy with the turnout so far. Interestingly, blue/white combinations seem to be the favoured colour choice here in Germany. All the bags in this colour group have sold quickly. My blue strawberry bag has sold five times over: And according to your comments on my giveaway post, most of you carry either black, brown or cream bags. Guess I'm going against the trend. After all this analyzing, two things have become clear: I need to stock up my shop, and I need to come up with a few larger bags, i.e. totes, sling bags etc. For these I will probably go for a neutral/with blue, pink, green combination, however, my make-up bags will remain colourful! My biggest challenge for this year is to set up my own website from which I will sell one-of-a-kind, special edition and custom bags. I'm pretty clear on the design aspect, and hopefully I will find someone to help me with the technical side of it. As I mentioned somewhere in my blog I only know basic HTML. I'm hoping to get this up and running by summertime. Fingers crossed!


  1. Its raining here also, but we live not sooooooooo far from each other.......... LOL
    I like larger bags ,I have always a big bag.
    I am curious on your new collection :))
    Talk to you soon (@^.^@)

  2. Ehmm here is also so gloomy which is good for taking a rest, but not so good to get natural light if I want to draw. Your cute blue white bag, just bright me here :)

  3. my sister (who never left Europe, lucky her :-) ) told me that on the Balkan they got buried in snow...which is weird - that part should be a little milder than Germany :-(

    Ohhhhh...that blue strawberry is so cute!!! I have been thinking of my own website, but I have no clue, no CLUE how to design it...good luck with yours :-)

  4. Duni, I'm so glad you got your earrings!!! I had designed yours in my head before any of the others, because I knew your fondness for pink, so I was really keeping my fingers crossed that you'd like them! :)

    Dawanda sounds like fantastic site. And let's face it, your work is so fantastic, you'd sell well anywhere!! I love the blue strawberry bag--so cute!!!

    As far as spring is concerned, it's full-fledged here. The pollen is out of control! It's what we refer to as "Claritin season." LOL I even mowed our lawn for the first time yesterday!

    Big hugs!

  5. brrrr, Duni! It is cold in your neck of the world!! I wish I could send you some of our weather.. I wouldn't mind some of yours! I got a sunburn yesterday! And I wasn't even out long! =( boo hoo.

    I am looking forward to the launch of your website, I think that is a great idea! I wish you tons and tons of luck with it!! :)

  6. Today we made it to 62 (F)
    It was sunny and boy I sure do look forward to that.
    I hope when you get your own website~you'll still blog.
    Get a .com and stay here alot of people do it...

  7. I think tote bags are a great idea and I'm looking forward to your website! Wishing you loads of luck! Can't wait to see it up and running!

  8. It's rainy and gloomy here too so I'm hoping for the sun to return soon! I can't wait to see what new bags you come up with!

  9. @Cindy - I'll still be blogging for sure!


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