Friday, February 6

Miss Japan

A while ago some of you wanted to see what the darker version of the trim that I bought looked like. Truth is, it took me ages to match up this dark grey ribbon. I knew I wanted a bold colour to go with it, but not too colourful. And I certainly didn't want to use any fabrics containing grey. Then I came across the Japanese flag and it hit me! A red/white combo of course, hence the name 'Miss Japan'. The red was bold enough to counterbalance the dark grey of the trim; mixed with white it didn't overpower it either. I had a hard time finding the polka dot fabric - mostly you get reversed colours, i.e. white dots on bright red. But I wanted the trim to be the eye-catcher, not the red colour. I was so glad when I stumbled upon this mini polka-dot fabric. There is a slight discrepancy of the reds, but since the eye is drawn to the whimsical trim, I don't think one notices. I like the way it turned out, and although the fabrics aren't Japanese, I do think this bag has a Japanese feel to it, don't you?


  1. The make up bag looks so adorable Duni!!! Infact every purse or bag you make is very adorable and I like the colours and prints you use for making these lovely purses !! You definitely have a great sense of colours and ofcourse yes this bag has a Japanese look..

  2. I, of course, think you are marvelous and so very talented.
    Miss Japan is so cute!
    I'm not a polka dot person, but the trim does focus your eye and brings it all together!!

  3. Hi Duni! I love the fact that the red's aren't similar. I love polka dots and dotted swiss material. I think the bag is just perfect!

    Deanna :D

  4. its so cute! The bottom half of the bag reminds me of Japan..probably because of the floral and because its so gentle

  5. I think the colors you chose are perfect! The contrast is wonderful!

  6. Yes, absolutely I can feel the bag has a Japanese feel because of your lovely combination.
    The bag is so cute also, as always.

  7. I always love your sense of color and pattern. You remind me to have fun with colors when I'm making the beads.

  8. I love it! And you're right, the colors are perfect, together!

  9. Oh, that bag is beautiful. I made a bag for the first time this weekend and am sad to say, it did not come out with such a perfectly constructed look. I'll have to keep admiring yours.


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