Thursday, February 19

Hello Friends...♥

*Deep breath*.....sigh.....

Most of you will have guessed by now where I spent the last seven days. Yup. Back in hospital. I'm beginning to develop a 'hospital-phobia'. It was awful. According to the blood tests I developed another strain of the first virus, which unfortunately got reactivated. The irony is I probably contracted it from my previous stay in hospital! How unfair is that?

This time around they did a CT, to check all my organs, especially the heart. THANK GOD my heart has gone unscathed by this viral infection. I believe the prayers you sent me ♥♥♥ and all your kind, sweet and encouraging words protected me...

Now that I'm back home it's vital that I continue resting. There's another cold front coming, and this particular virus thrives on cold. Since there is no medication I need to strengthen my immune system. I've started drinking protein shakes. I need a lot of protein right now! I'm taking Coenzyme Q10 which helps repair cells. Other than that it's rest, rest, rest and drinking plenty of hot fluids. Doing sports is out of the question too.

Now what about my work? Most clients I talked to are sympathetic to my plight...others not so. In fact, there are some who take it personally! I'm consoling myself by telling myself they weren't the right clients anyway. I'm trying to be positive about all this. Right now I have to concentrate on getting my health and my life back on track. 

As for blogging (my favourite addiction), well, it may only be sporadic for a while....I mean, if I can't get to sewing bags to display here, what's the point? I don't even want to think about all those unfinished projects on my sewing table.

I'm coming up to my 100th post, and I had something special planned. I hope I can still go ahead with my plans when the time comes. Depends on how much energy I have. Meanwhile I really appreciate all your support. It's good to know you're still dropping by. You really are the BEST!



  1. Oh my! Bad virus and Bad hospital!
    Okay duni, rest well so that you'll be healthy again and can do your passion (sewing lovely bags, purses and also blogging...)

    Take care...


  2. Duni,
    I've been off the radar this past week. I'm sorry you were in the hospital again.
    Rest and get well. We'll be here for you when you can post.
    You're right about customers who just don't understand. Their loss!!

  3. Cheer up! I know it's easier said than done, but try to look for the positives amongst the negatives. Remember, two negatives give a positive. So you should be able to turn all the negatives into positives ... unless, of course, the number of negatives is an odd number ... but then, there's only ONE negative - easy job.


  4. Don't worry about the annoying clients. You have to take the time to get yourself better! Sewing will always be there when you get back ;-)

  5. I can't believe you got so sick, you poor thing. I am sending positive vibes your way and I hope you are able to kick the virus for good and ever. Good luck and take care of yourself!

  6. I have been wondering if all was well. It is nice to see that you are out of the hospital at least.

    And you are right about certain people not being the right kind of customers. I would say that they are not the right kind of people...

    Hang in there and get better. Luckily, spring and summer are on their way!

    Erika N.

  7. Glad to hear from you babes! Real people will understand your circumstances and wont be so selfish! Take care of yourself, girl...please dont go back to the hospital again

  8. Dear, sweet Duni!! I'm so sorry to hear about your health concerns!! I came over to check on you today to find this news, and I am sad. I really hope you continue to mend and that you stamp out this virus once and for all! From someone who's also having some health issues right now, I can totally empathize with what you're going through. Get LOTS of rest, and keep us appraised of what's going on with you when you can!


    PS: If you're up to it, or need a distraction, I did tag you in my most recent blog post. Feel free to play along if you're up to it. If not, that's ok too!!!

  9. Heal well and quickly! Love all your bags!

  10. Take your time, get your rest and don't worry about the blog. We will be here when you're feeling better. Right now you need to focus only on getting well.

  11. It's good to hear your doing better - get lots of rest and try not to let the grumpy customers get you down! I hope you heal up quickly :)

  12. Oh Duni, Oh my..
    I am sad to hear of the cold front sweeping through, I do hope you stay out of it, stay warm, cozy, with hot beverages and boosting your immune system. I would be so sad to hear of another hospital stay. But, I am so glad to hear the CT turned out well, with no damage to your sweet heart, that is something to celebrate.
    My thoughts are with you..take care of yourself, as I know you will...

  13. Take care of yourself! I was in hospital earlier the week with viral bronchitis so (somewhat) feel your pain! You're right that rest is vital :)

    The clients who complain about you getting sick would probably have made your life harder anyway! Blessing is disguise?

  14. and take care of yourself. Hope you feel better very soon.

  15. Rest up, feel better soon! Chicken soup is supposed to be real good for this sort of thing. I've been having a persistent cough the last couple days myself, debating getting it checked out (haven't been to the doctor in years). I think I'll be doing better if I just get a decent amount of sleep (sleep? What's that?) and get back to eating properly (I haven't been lately).

    Sending you some healing vibes!

  16. Hi Duni, Yay you're back !!! Hope your health has improved..really missed your cute purses nd don't worry we are all there to cheer you and take care :)

  17. OH MY again???? How aweful. I hope you get your strength back soon. I'm starting to have a sore throat and tight chest. UGH. My kids and hubby are sick too. No fun! Glad your are home!


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